By now, the concept of crowdfunding has become familiar to most of us.  This practice has become more and more widespread and is sometimes the only way to start projects based on a good idea that can’t be financed in any other way.

The concept is made up of two words: crowd and funding, meaning the process of raising funds thanks to the contribution of many people. This type of collaboration is only possible thanks to the web: projects are presented online on a specific platform and all those who want to can contribute to the collection.

Those who contribute what they can to these fund raising projects feel part of them from day one. This means that they will probably continue to follow the project in the future, thus creating the virtuous circle at the basis of the success of this new way of creating a community.

Green crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is used to finance projects in various sectors but green crowdfunding applied to environmentally sustaining projects -is becoming more and more popular.

Crowdfunding platforms regarding the environment have sprung up more or less all over the world and there is also an all-Italian one.

Its name is  Ecomill and – as stated on their website – it’s “an equity crowdfunding platform authorised by Consob (translator’s note: Regulatory body for the Italian Stock Exchange) that gives private individuals, families and businesses the opportunity of becoming financers and partners of new, very innovative companies working in the energy and environmental fields. Ecomill promotes sustainability, innovation and social cohesion.”

La lavatrice a pedali Drumi

Some interesting green projects

Lots of environmentally-sustainable projects – consisting of original, brilliant and sometimes extravagant yet strictly green ideas – are implemented thanks to online crowd funding. We have collected some examples of innovative projects for you.

  • A foot-powered washing machine called Drumi. 

A Canadian – Yi Jiang – has invented a small, foot-operated washing machine. Drumi is a household appliance that doesn’t need electricity, uses very little water and is even portable.

Designed to be used anywhere in the world, this innovative washing machine can be installed and used under any environmental circumstance and in any climate.

  • From Italy, a water purifying filter called Drop 99.

This is an all-Italian project. Drop 99 is a portable filter that blocks out almost all the bacteria contained in polluted water.

This project collected 20,000 Euro on the Ulule platform to implement the “Drink well” educational campaign concerning water purification in the poorest countries where polluted water is a real problem.

  • Everyone’s right to have enough water is enforced by the Watergrabbing documentary.

Crowdfunding can also be used to finance ideas not aimed at the production of objects but focused on developing educational projects.

This is what happened with Watergrabbing, a journalistic documentary created to promote the right to access water.

  • The café bike: Wheelys MINI. 

A bizarre project for a café on wheels.

Wheelys MINI is an idea to open a low environmental impact business with a very small financial investment (less than four thousand dollars).

It consists in a bike-driven café that makes coffee – organic of course – using solar energy accumulated in specific solar panels. This project became so popular that it raised five thousand US dollars in just two days. A real record.

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