A well-organised home is a pleasant and cosy place, where everything is in its place and there’s no need to go crazy to find what we need. Keeping it that way, however, can be a challenge. Fortunately, with a few good habits we can make keeping things tidy part of our daily routine: here are some useful tips.

Have a cleaning routine

Establishing a regular cleaning schedule will help you keep your house clean without having to deal with a lot of effort all at once. You can divide cleaning activities into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Spend a few minutes a day cleaning the surface of furniture, the kitchen and bathroom sinks: a house with clean surfaces automatically looks tidier and more welcoming.

Then stagger all other tasks according to your needs: laundry every 2-3 days, floor cleaning once a week and so on.


We often accumulate things that we no longer use or do not really need. To keep a home well-organised, it’s essential to get rid of the excess. Make a selection of the items you have and donate, recycle or throw away those you no longer need. Decluttering will give you more space and make your home tidier.

Everything in its place

When everything has its designated place, it becomes easier to keep everything in order. You can use containers, baskets or shelves to organise items systematically. In this way, you will always know where to find what you need and won’t waste time searching for lost items.

For documents and small accessories use boxes and shelves, and label them so that you always know what they contain. Then place them according to frequency of use, to be more or less easily accessible.

Always put things back in their place

Often, clutter accumulates because we leave items scattered around the house instead of storing them. Some examples? After cooking, put away ingredients and clean utensils; it’s a good idea to keep the worktop tidy even while cooking to avoid wasting time later. After finishing a book, put it back on the bookcase. Once you have charged your smartphone, remove the charger from the socket and move it to a drawer or wherever you prefer: you will avoid unused cables around the house and reduce unnecessary energy waste.

This small daily effort will make a big difference in keeping your home tidy.

Involve all members of the family

Maintaining a tidy home is a task that can (and should!) be shared between everyone. Involve everyone in de-cluttering and establish clear responsibilities for everyone, appropriate to their age and working hours. For example, assign children tasks such as putting away toys, emptying the dishwasher or making the bed – they will learn to be more organised for the future.

Maintaining an organised home requires constant habits and practices, but the results are definitely worth it. By following a cleaning routine, assigning a place to each item, decluttering and using storage solutions, you will be able to keep your home tidy and cosy. Also remember to involve other family members: with these tips, your home will always be a pleasant and organised place.

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