The New Year is a time to make resolutions, thoroughly clean the house and make those changes you’ve been wanting for a long time. At this time of the year, the home is often the centre of attention; reorganisation is a must and new furniture is purchased to brighten up old rooms. Are you looking for something new? Take a look at the 3 essential furniture trends for 2018!
Wood-burning stove Erica with Heat Accumulation

Industrial chic style

Industrial design is certainly no newcomer to the furniture market but its style is continuously evolving from year to year. 2018 welcomes a slightly more Scandinavian look: metal gives way to exposed brickwork and bare wood for a warmer, cosier atmosphere. If you choose this style, focus on one or more design complementary items: a chair, a modern and original light fixture or an artistic artefact.

Velvet seating

It had been forgotten for years and confined to traditional homes. In 2018 velvet has been given a new lease of life and has become one of the most  popular seating materials around.  Its goal is to recreate sumptuous, plush settings so don’t be shy: no beiges, ivory or grey shades! Choose bolder colours such as dark blue, teal, petrol blue, cyclamen and red.

Gold and brass

Metals are becoming more and more popular, moving on from accessories to complementary furniture and lighting. Warm colours such as gold (yellow and pink), brass and copper are great favourites. Does that sound a bit too much for you? Focus on smaller, interchangeable objects such as terrariums, cutlery and magazine-racks.

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