Whether it’s a grey morning in the middle of autumn or a sunny afternoon at the hight of summer, we’re sure that at least once in your life you’ve dreamed of being in the Tropics instead of at home. There may not be a way to stop day-dreaming about strolling along a tropical beach at sunset, but there is something you can do to turn your garden into a small tropical paradise, and that is to choose the right plants. Obviously it won’t be quite the same as taking a holiday in an exotic location, but if catching a plane to Bali is not even remotely on the horizon, then having your very own lush nature garden in your own back yard can certainly do the trick. As a place where you can spend time with the people that you love or just on your own, it can relieve even the most fatigued of minds, helping you unwind and relax. Make sure that the temperature inside your house is warm enough even in winter and that your garden gets enough sunshine, then get pen and paper because we are about to reveal the five most resilient and easy to grow tropical plants, even in your garden!
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Banana plants

The banana plant (Musa Acuminata, from the Musaceae family) originated from Southeast Asia and is cultivated in other parts of the world with similar conditions to produce bananas. Thanks to its stunning, long, straight leaves that can reach up to three meters in length, the banana plant is considered a must have amongst tropical ornamental plants grown in climatic conditions such as ours. The Strelizia (Strelitzia Reginae, from the Musaceae family), also known as Bird of Paradise, belongs to the same family as the banana plant but has an even more imposing and regal appearance. It boasts a tuft of large, dark green oval-shaped leaves, leather-like in texture with flowers reminiscent of the crests of its namesake. Like all banana plants, it does not need any special care, but it grows well in warm temperatures, and needs watering regularly. If you treat it well, it will reward you with its majestic flowering! (Like the one you can see in the photo on the cover!)
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If you are drawn more to the wild “Jurassic” look of a tropical jungle, then ferns are for you. These ancient and striking plants can survive in hostile conditions including harsher temperatures. They prefer shade and do not require any special care. The most common species, Cyathea and Dicksonia, date from ancient times. Their extensive foliage evokes an image of primeval undergrowth helping to create a truly realistic “jungle effect”. They are not difficult plants to look after, but they do need a certain continuity in terms of watering and light spraying. They love the humidity found in the undergrowth of the Amazon rain forest!
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Palm trees

Whether extremely tall or of the dwarf variety, palm trees are one of the most recognizable features of tropical environments. They need plenty of space in which to grow, in full sunlight and away from any draughts and cold winds. Among some of the best palm trees for your garden are: Butia Capitata from Brazil and Uruguay, able to withstand temperatures as low as -15 ° C or Phoenix Canariensis, originally from the Canary Islands, which is a very impressive variety despite being more delicate than the first and unable to survive temperatures of less than 6 ° C.
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Evocative and very appealing, a small bamboo forest is much easier to care for than you might think! It can be grown as a hedge, to shield the garden from prying eyes or as an isolated shrub. In ideal conditions, the plant can become invasive, so be sure to keep it under control as it becomes established. Bamboo is in fact very hardy and grows extremely quickly. There are many varieties of bamboo with a whole host of different characteristics. We would suggest the hardier ones, such as the Pleiobastus Viridistriatus, which is able to withstand both cold winter temperatures as well as very hot summer ones. With strong connections to oriental countries such as China, Malaysia or Japan, bamboo is a plant that will add a sense of the exotic to any garden, even in the most urban of settings. In addition, many varieties of bamboo have tiny leaves that sway in the wind and emit a gentle hissing sound reminiscent of rain.
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Japonica Fairytale

This species is commonly known as Spider’s web or Aralia of Japan, and is one of the few tropical evergreen plants that prefers a more shaded location, tolerates low temperatures and still looks magnificent. It has broad and somewhat striking variegated leaves and if well cared for can reach a height of 250 cm and will guarantee you a lush vegetation throughout the year. Whichever plant you go for to give your garden that exotic, tropical touch, we are sure that what will really make the difference is how you choose to spend your time there. Organizing a great barbecue under the shade of a large palm leaf, for example, will make those special moments even more magical and relaxing. So why not give your garden the finishing touch with a Palazzetti wood or charcoal barbecue to complete your own little corner of paradise?

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