Palazzetti has always been associated with warmth. It’s not only the heat from the flames which our stoves and fireplaces are designed for, but also a more profound heat; that which is daily transmitted by the family and friends surrounding us. We like to think of our company as a big family and that’s why for several years now we have been organizing a day dedicated to all employees and their families, to get together and get to know each other better in an atmosphere of festivity. Family-Day_Palazzetti_country The event is now more than ten years old (the first dating back to 2007) and Family Day 2019 this year was another great success: music, good food and lots of laughter were, as always, the main ingredients of the day. There were those who had a go at country dances, those who took care of the cooking and all the children were kept busy having great fun with the many games and activities designed especially for them. Of course, Palazzetti barbecues were used for grilling, this being the perfect opportunity to test them out! Family-Day-2109_Palazzetti_barbecue

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