Family Day is our most important annual event. It’s a party which we enjoy all together and where delicious food, mugs of beer and good music are served in excellent company: ours.

The first time we decided to dedicate a whole day to togetherness was in the 90s. Employees and their families were invited to enjoy a tasty meal organised at our headquarters in Zoppola (Pordenone – Italy) where we have been producing our barbecues and our garden ovens for ages. Barbecued meat and merry chatter were the ingredients of a wonderful day spent together.

In 2007 we decided to make it become an event for the whole company and we set up our first Family Day  with its own distinctive name and an identity which gradually formed over the years.

Today, it has become an event that unites different cultures: people from various countries with diverse religious backgrounds come together year after year on a day on which they can share tips and recipes. Grilled spare ribs taste delicious with a cous cous side dish while a slice of ham becomes the perfect complement for a plate of tajine.

There were more than 400 of us at our 2018 Family Day: current and former employees (our corner stones!), their families and friends. Some of us helped cook the food, others served it; everyone had a smile on their face.

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It’s difficult to explain how this party becomes increasingly more enthralling and joyful and everything seems to unfold effortlessly, without snags, year after year.   The children become more and more beautiful and playful, young men and women become increasingly more attractive and everyone chats as if they were picking up a conversation they had just left off the day before. As ordinary as it may seem, the secret is simple: it lies in communication, in having started to talk to each other, to meet outside work hours.

No matter where they come from, no matter their ethnic origins, everyone has the same smile on their face, the same desire to get to know everyone else…..but who should we thank for these hours of contentment spent together during which we can feel so close, so happy to be together?

There’s no doubt about it, our organisers and workers do an excellent job making sure that we all have a good time. There are plenty of them and they do an awful lot: some get the tables ready, others clean up when the party is over, others again brave the sun and the heat of the barbecue to prepare the food, some play music for everyone to enjoy. There are so many people involved it’s impossible to remember them all but our sincere thanks go to each and every one of them for having made this amazing opportunity for togetherness a reality! 

Ruben Palazzetti 

The years go by but our core value never changes: family.

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