Would you like all the advantages of a hydronic stove with the added benefits of diffusing hot air throughout the room it is installed in? Ecofire® Wilma is probably the right choice for you: a latest generation pellet stove provided with Palazzetti’s water/air heating technology.

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A fan-assisted hydronic pellet stove: What does that mean?

Ecofire Wilma can be easily connected to and integrated with your home’s plumbing system thanks to a special, standard-supplied kit: the heat produced by the stove is transferred to the water of the heating system.

In fact, Wilma’s heart is a firebox with a flue gas tube heat exchanger, optimised to achieve the greatest possible exchange of heat with the water.

But that’s not all: Wilma also features a fan-assisted heat function. Thanks to the fan and to a dedicated circuit some of the heat is retrieved to quickly warm up the room the stove is installed in. Fan operation can be managed by setting various power levels or the Zero Speed Fan function that totally excludes ventilation for the ultimate in acoustic comfort.

A stove designed for efficient management, even of its own time

The Ecofire® Wilma pellet stove is designed to be connected to our Connection Box, a device that connects your stove with your smartphone and is very easy to use. The Palazzetti APP (available for Android and iOS devices) lets you manage, control and programme your stove directly from your smartphone in two ways: at home, as if it were a remote control, or away from home using a wifi connection.

But that’s not all. The Speedy Clean system has been specifically designed to make routine cleaning as easy as possible with no need to remove any of the parts or use specific tools. Just pull out and clean the large ash pan and the space it is contained in to have a perfectly efficient stove at all times.

How about design?

Ecofire® Wilma has a modern look….but not excessively so. Lines are clean-cut and minimalist but the embossed details on the sides are reminiscent of traditional stoves.

There are also plenty of customisation options: Wilma is available in four metal finishes (Red, White, Black and Light Mocha) and four ceramic ones (Beige, Light Mocha, Cream and Red).

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