Winter is coming. And we at Palazzetti know very well how important it is to heat your home properly. The Ecofire® Jackie Idro pellet stove is our new weapon against cold weather. It has a totally modern shape that is slightly rounded and features painted steel sides and a cast iron top.  Its clean-cut lines – together with its moderate size – make it easy to install in any room, from the living room to the kitchen, or anywhere else you choose. On top of that, as you well know, as far as the environment is concerned, we are always ready to pull our weight. We are very proud of our Ecofire® Jackie Idro that has been awarded the AriaPulita environmental certification with a 4-star rating which means that it complies with all the regulations in force, even the strictest ones for as much as regards harmful emissions.

5 reasons to choose Ecofire® Jackie Idro

In reality, there are a lot more of them. But if we were made to choose just 5 good reasons to recommend Ecofire® Jackie Idro, we would pick these:

1- Compact size paired with power

As the saying goes: good things come in small packages. Who can contradict that? Available in two versions – 20kw and 26kw – Ecofire® Jackie Idro produces an amazing amount of power for its compact size (62.6x66x120.6 cm). Try it out for yourself!

2 – Heats your water and your rooms

You won’t just have a source of heat for your rooms. Our stove can be connected to your plumbing system to heat your radiators as well as your domestic hot water system. For all the water (at the desired temperature) you could wish for. La pratica app per gestire a distanza la tua stufa a pellet

3 – App

Would you like to wake up in the morning to a nice warm kitchen? And how about coming back from work to warm and cosy home? No problem. Thanks to our App you can programme the automatic switch on and off of your Ecofire® Jackie Idro directly from your smartphone, even if you’re not at home (find out how here). And that’s not all: you can adjust the temperature, operating hours, fan speed and the Zero Speed Fan function as well.

4 – Complete Burning System.

With this innovative system, our stove achieves total pellet combustion. In fact, even the ash is burnt so that there is no waste at all. In other words, no ash but just mineral micro-particles remain after combustion. This 100% pellet exploitation maximises savings while reducing harmful emissions into the environment to a minimum.

5 – Self Clean System:

Cleaning your pellet stove will become increasingly easier and less tiring. Our Self Clean System is smart and performs constant, automatic cleaning of the burn pot and of the heat exchanger. Moreover, the burn pot empties itself which lets you get rid of any residues more quickly and less frequently. A must for warm winter months.

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