The warmth of home, the bewitching beauty of a fire and that cosy feeling that only a stove or fireplace can convey are truly priceless. The space available isn’t always enough though: that’s when Ecofire® Emily comes into play with its essence of technology, design and sustainability.

It’s the perfect choice for all those who are concerned about the environment, love beauty but want to keep an eye on their expenses as well!

T3 technology: better outputs, less emissions The Emily pellet stove uses our T3 Platform, a set of Palazzetti technologies that work together to guarantee an ecological and efficient heating system with low management costs.

The heart of this stove is the Complete Burning System designed to optimise every morsel of fuel. By completely burning the pellets and ash, Emily optimises the energy it produces while reducing residues and emissions to a minimum (only small mineral particles are left over in the stove).

The result is better heat outputs that transform fuel into pure heat, paired with less waste and a smaller impact on the environment. In compliance with the strictest regulations in force, the stove is 5-star rated in terms of Environmental Performance.

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Emily’s promise is not limited to its performances but extends to its incredibly easy maintenance. While the Complete Burning System works to reduce residues to a minimum, the Self Cleaning System, which automatically cleans the burn pot, further reduces cleaning frequency.

stufa a pellet Ecofire Emily Palazzetti

A compact size, same performances

Its design is inspired by our three Inés, Marianne and Vivienne pellet stoves that have made their mark in the aesthetic of biomass heating products. Thanks to its compact size (53cm in diameter and 110cm in height), the Emily pellet stove can elegantly adapt to any space. It circular design, its rounded glass door and its painted steel cladding give Emily an air of modern refinement, turning it into a real piece of home decor as well as a source of heat.

Heat the entire home, even when you’re away

Emily goes beyond the boundaries of the room it is installed in. In the AirPro version hot air can be ducted to a distance of up to 14 metres to independently heat the room it is installed in and another room in the home.

Controlling the temperature is child’s play thanks to its accessories: its functions can be conveniently managed from your smartphone courtesy of the Connection Box by using the Palazzetti App while My Cli-Mate communicates continuously with the stove to automatically adjust its power and the fan speed to keep the temperature constant.

Every detail of Emily is designed to improve your heating experience, elevating it to new levels of comfort, efficiency and style.

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