One swallow does not make a summer… but one dove does! Easter is on its way, bringing with it that tingling feeling of excitement that always marks spring celebrations.

Flowers, bunnies, doves and colourful eggs galore… have you already decided how you want to decorate your home for Easter?

We would like to suggest a few crafts: creative and original objects to open your doors wide and let spring in!

Easter craft tutorial

decorazioni per la Pasqua - ghirlanda
Foto © La Figurina

Seeing as we are letting spring in, why not use a pretty garland to entice the new season?

You can use very simple materials such as branches and egg shells or opt for more intricate decorations such as these colourful birds make of cloth. It goes without saying that the essential ingredient here is creativity!

decorazioni per la Pasqua - coniglio tovagliolo
Progetto © Briciole e puntini

The ideal place for most Easter decorations is the table. Felt cutlery holders can be shaped to suit the season. You can even make this original placeholder and then give it to your guests to take home with them at the end of the meal.

decorazioni per la Pasqua - uova di gesso
Progetto © Un giorno di festa

Eggs are the most popular Easter symbol but they don’t necessarily have to be real or made of chocolate.

To make these plaster eggs all you need are balloons, plaster gauze bandage (you can find it at the chemist’s), some scissors and a bowl of water.

This impressive craft can be used in many ways: as a table centrepiece, a trinket holder or even as a small pot for a spring plant.

decorazioni per la Pasqua - uova decoupage
Progetto © Atelier Cherry

Patience and a light hand are indispensable to decorate these eggshells: a must for your Easter home. The patterns that can be created with the decoupage technique and they can be adapted to various contexts.

decorazioni per la Pasqua - albero uova carta
Progetto © Miriam Kreativ

Decorated trees are no longer symbols of Xmas alone.

There are endless variations on the theme to make an Easter tree; we particularly liked this one that suits any space. Just arrange some branches inside a vase and hang your favourite decorations on them, like these light and colourful origami ones.

decorazioni per la Pasqua - decor conigli
Progetto © Blogzeit 39

This elegant, minimalist project calls for some dexterity and sense of balance but the end result is really stunning. Thispastel-coloured family of Easter bunnies looks like it comes out of a refined, design store but, if you follow our tutorial, you can make it yourself and add it to your Easter decorations.

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