The firebox is a product with close ties to tradition, but an increasingly innovative soul. Its evolution is not however the sole product of technology, but also derives from style input aligned with current trends and – above all – with consumers’ taste. A perfect balance of performance and design, but also original ideas. This premise led to the idea of ‘Dessiner le Feu’ (‘Designing fire’), our design competition open to students of the École nationale supérieure de création industrielle in Paris, in collaboration with our dealer Resistaff. We decided to collaborate with ENSCI because we fully subscribe to its philosophy of learning through experience. This national school of industrial creation, founded in 1982, indeed has a workshop spirit, where students literally make material take form.

The ‘Designing fire’ competition theme

The students at the ENSCI Institute worked on a new cladding for Palazzetti fireplaces, that manages to combine innovative technical and style features. The fire is the visual focal point of the firebox, making it a ‘living’ interior design element in the room it sits in. Participants had to use Stratistaff in their design, an exclusive material made by Staff Décor, obtained from a mixture of plaster, water and chopped fibreglass. This new cladding is available in 3 versions that adapt to 3 fireplaces in our range, designed for domestic use.

Dates and awards

Students at the École nationale supérieure de création industrielle in Paris presented their designs for ‘Designing fire» by 30th April 2019. The award ceremony, including a dedicated exhibition, will take place in June. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Paris- we’ll post all the designs on these pages too. Good luck to everyone and may the best person win!

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