Are you trying to decide which firewood rack you should choose for your fireplace? Get inspired by lots of interesting ideas!

Notwithstanding its obvious practicality, many designer homes, especially if their style is modern and minimalist, tend to hide firewood racks.

Nevertheless, an endless variety of log holders can be designed and planned and they can effortlessly adapt to any type of room. There are recessed and double-sided versions, racks in little niches and much more: why hide your logwood when it can become a real furnishing feature?

Here are a few ideas to get inspired by, taken from the Palazzetti Claddings catalogue and from some interesting projects completed in recent years.

There’s an endless variety of claddings available for the new Ecomonoblocco WT 16:9 3D firebox, including ideas for firewood racks. In this case a minimalist solution that optimises space exploitation has been chosen to store firewood in a niche in the wall.


The Symi cladding in Bianco Mediterraneo marble and slate includes a side firewood rack in black painted steel. An extra shelf next to the fireplace is thus created which can be decorated with pictures, vases or photographs.

The firewood rack has two functions in this amazing custom project in Sirmione:  as well as housing logs, it also serves as a partition to divide an open-space living room in two parts.

IThe Trieste cladding in flamed Medea stone includes a small firewood rack in black painted steel, located in a corner. A real space-saver solution!

The Miramare cladding in Travertino Alabastrino marble is completed by two symmetric firewood racks in black painted steel that are designed to look like pilasters. This idea is perfect for those requiring lots of storage space.

The Sistiana cladding in Bianco Mediterraneo marble and Wengè Quarzite  includes two firewood holders in black painted steel, one in the base and one next to the firebox. This interplay of shapes and volumes makes the fireplace more interesting.

Emperador marble and natural walnut melamine:  the Paros cladding is classic and elegant. The black painted steel firewood rack is installed next to the fireplace.

For the Dundee cladding, the firewood rack is simple and functional; it looks like a niche in the wall which is as deep as the actual fireplace. The niches above it, used as bookcases, have the same shape.

The firewood rack is on the floor for the City cladding: it exploits the “empty” space under the side bench in antique-effect Wengé quartzite.

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