The year has started, resolutions have been written, and some people are already thinking about how to freshen up their living room, bedroom or dining room. Personal taste is obviously always the main factor here, but it’s also true that trends play a central role in the choice of furniture or colour.

Do you want to avoid ‘falling’ into a style error by opting for something already outdated? We have collected five trends that according to industry rumours are slowly approaching their twilight.

1. Totally white and/or grey rooms

It is easy to blend in furnishings when all objects are based on a hyper-minimalist, colourless palette. White and grey will never go out of fashion, of course, but they will only be trendy if they are brought to life by a few splashes of colour that give the room character. It is good to play it safe, but not too safe.

2. Modern ultra-minimalism

Are you beginning to detect a common thread? Even in terms of shapes and furnishings, the almost sterile modernity that has invaded glossy magazines in recent years has grown a little tired. People (and designers) want to create more lived-in spaces with original touches, decorations and colours.

3. Benches

Yes, you did read that right, “benches”. In recent years we have seen them make a comeback in dining rooms, thanks to a renewed love for rustic style and minimalism. Their popularity, however, was short-lived and already in 2024 it seems to be on the wane.

4. Decorative wooden panels

Go big or go home: if your desire is for a well-defined, all-round aesthetic, as in this project in Rome, so be it. Otherwise, wooden wall coverings, partitioning in the same material and wall decorations in teak or similar seem to have had their day. The reason? Excessive popularity in recent years.

5. Too many open storage units

Having an open unit has a direct consequence: it must be filled with something. Obviously with a style in mind and with the knowledge that it will need to be dusted often. No problem when it comes to a few units in a single room, but designers are starting to say no to entire cupboards of this type: better to opt for glass closures or other types in line with the rest of the room.

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