The scariest day of the year is on its way: here are lots of DIY ideas to decorate your home for a Halloween mood worth shouting about!

We have already given you a few tips on how to give your home an autumn atmosphere with some handmade crafts.

Now that the 31st October is approaching it’s time to think of something a bit spookier.

A great classic is the carved pumpkin with a candle in it but we would like to suggest something a bit more original and out of the ordinary here.

5 DIY Halloween decorations

1. Mummy candles

Halloween brings to mind the night, full of lights but also of spooky shadows.

A simple, fun idea to create Halloween candles consists in covering some glass jars with cheesecloth to which buttons can be applied to look like eyes.

The jars will remind you of mummies and the light effect will be amazing!

decorazioni per halloween - candele mummie
Mummy candles – photo © Pfefferminzgruen

2. Decorative bats

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a good number of flying bats.

If used properly they can even look stylish – not necessarily like cave bats.

In this example for instance, surprising results can be obtained by pairing the bats’ black shape with other gold, copper and wooden elements.

decorazioni per halloween - pipistrelli

Bat decorations – photo © The Sweetest Occasion

3. Halloween festoons embellish the fireplace

A perfect idea for a Halloween party that, in particular, children will like consists of Halloween festoons.

Shapes and colours are totally up to you, just make sure they are coordinated.

They will look even spookier if hung above the warmth of a lit fireplace.

decorazioni per halloween - festoni sul caminetto

Fireplace festoons – photo © Happiness is Homemade

4. Ghost lamps

How about a ghost lampshade cover?

A spooky effect can be obtained by creating some ghostly shapes to cover ceiling-hung lamps with.

decorazioni per halloween - lampadari fantasma
Ghost lampshade covers photo © Make and Tell

5. Pumpkin garland

Let’s finish with a really original idea, both in terms of materials and colours.

Those of you who really don’t like the typical Halloween black and orange colour scheme can paint some small pumpkins in bright colours to create a decidedly different garland.

decorazioni per halloween - ghirlanda zucche colorate su porta gialla
Colourful pumpkin garland  – photo © Lovely Indeed

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