If I mention Xmas, the first colour that will probably come to mind is red (and the second will most likely be green). That’s if you follow tradition, but fashions come and go: that said, even during the festive season accessories “must” follow trends.

Xmas decorations in white, gold and black

Although Xmas was a multi-coloured affair in the 90s when the film Home Alone came out, shades have become more and more neutral as time has gone by.

If you are about to choose your new Xmas decorations, think gold, black and white. These three shades convey an aura of exceptional elegance and warmth, especially when paired with wood and the right lights and used near the blazing fire of a fireplace or stove (check out all Palazzetti’s heating appliances here!)

Choose these shades for your homemade decorations as well: they will give your home an even more intimate appeal.

Home-made Xmas decorations

Felt is a typical DIY material. And if you choose white, perhaps paired with beige, you will obtain the effect of a snow-topped mountain in a way that is cosy and inviting as well.

decorazioni di natale - addobbi feltro
Foto © Velvet Style

And since snow is symbolic of winter, another great classic to let it in is to decorate your windows. Snow flakes, stars and other Xmas symbols can be used as the fancy takes you.

decorazioni natale_finestra
Foto © Pianeta Design

To thoroughly welcome the spirit of Xmas into your home, don’t forget to decorate your front door!  You can make some very original garlands from toilet or kitchen paper rolls.

decorazioni natale_ghirlanda
Foto ©

And how about the Xmas tree? A wall-hung Xmas tree is the perfect solution if you don’t have much space.  You can make one out of any type of material (the most popular are made from various-sized twigs). A decidedly different Xmas tree is one made out of the pages of a book!

decorazioni natale - albero
Foto ©

Talking about paper, you can make an endless array of decorations to hang onto your floor-standing or wall-hung tree using this material. You can have fun creating and adding different-shaped decorations to your tree as the years go by, achieving very personal results.

decorazioni di natale - addobbo di carta nero
Progetto © Quella col cappello

Another simple Xmas idea consists in creating small blackboards that you can write and draw something festive on. Much-loved by the very young (but not only by them!), they will be very useful for the rest of the year too!

decorazioni di natale_lavagnetta
Progetto © Paper Riot

Cover photo: Palazzetti Eva wood-burning stove

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