Black, midnight blue, dark brown, purple, bronze: the interior trends of 2023 abandon (at least in part) the light shades of the Scandinavian style, to welcome the darker ones of the Dark Academia style.

So what’s it all about?

Originating on Tumblr around 2010 and revived in the last two years on TikTok, the Dark Academia style is defined as a “subculture that places special emphasis on reading, writing and learning” and encompasses so many areas of life, from furniture to fashion.

It draws inspiration from Gothic architecture and Victorian interiors, with their dark colours, dim lighting (from candle lights to the fireplace), large bookcases and the maximalism of decorative features.

The central feature of this style, among the most searched on Pinterest in 2022, is definitely colour: the palette is dark, interspersed with details in gold, bronze or crystal. We recently found it in the TV phenomenon Wednesday, created by Tim Burton.

However, atmospheres worthy of the Addams Family or Harry Potter are not for everyone: the almost excessive decorations and gloomy mood are often trends only appreciated in the pages of design magazines.

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The choice of dark colours such as black, charcoal and brown is not exclusive to the Dark Academia style: we also find them in more modern and contemporary furniture, in the form of accent walls, walnut or chestnut wood flooring, kitchen counters or on the trimmings of electrical kitchen appliances.

Heating products are no exception: indispensable for stoves is black or mocha steel or cast iron for a more retro style. For fireplaces the choice is even wider, thanks to the customisation of the chimney surrounds, also made to measure. Imperator Marble, Wenge Quartzite and much more: with the right materials at your disposal, it’s very easy to design the perfect dark corner.

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