Is cycling your favourite way of getting around? Do you dream of a world with more cycle lanes and less motorways? In that case you will like this green news: by 2020 you will be able to cycle from Milan to Turin!

Cycling from Milan to Turin

This new project is for a mega, 82-km long cycle lane that will connect the two cities on a path that unwinds along the Cavour Canal. The long-awaiting Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed by the Piedmont Regional government, the provincial governments of Novara and Vercelli, the Ticino, Po river, Turin Hill and Lago Maggiore lake parks as well as by the Cavour Canal Joint Use Association, the Western Consortium and the Eastern Consortium. The Metropolitan City of Turin, to which the Memorandum of Understanding assigned the task of drawing up the project, is leading the way. Engineer Luigi Spina – who built numerous cycle lanes in the province of Turin in the past – was chosen without hesitation to work on this new infrastructure.

The particulars of the mega cycle lane

The new cycle lane will be 3.4 m wide and 82 km long. The long stretch between the two cities will start in an area between Chivasso and Crescentino and finish in the Gallate and Ticino area. The idea is to integrate a pre-existing cycle lane at Turbigo – that currently connects Sesto Calende with the Waterways of Milan – in this new work. The whole project is expected to cost around 25 million euro and it is planned to be completed by the end of 2020. This is a new, important goal that adds to the impressive, 700-km long VenTo project that connects Venice to Turin and that is already being implemented. This is excellent news for cycling tourism and to create a road network that is increasingly more respectful of the environment. Ready to get on your bicycle?

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