Are you a real pizza lover? Did you try to make all kinds of dough during the lockdown and are now starting to feel like a professional pizza chef? In that case it’s high time to start really surprising relatives and friends: a barbecue using a wood oven is exactly what you need! 

Why choose a wood oven?

Your personal barbecue is a bit like a member of the family you are particularly fond of or a special friend: it’s always there on important occasions and during the most memorable days of the year.

Each model has its specific features and assets that should be looked into carefully before taking it home to your garden. (This guide contains lots of useful tips!)

If you love grilled food but simply adore pizza, a model with a wood oven is exactly what you need.  We are sure it will become your inseparable assistant for cooking extremely tasty recipes all year long.

Let’s look at our tips to cook a perfect pizza in a wood oven together!

How to heat a wood oven

Generally speaking, you can prepare your oven following the instructions in this article no matter the recipe you want to cook.

That said, we all know that making pizza is an art. Here is a summary of the steps to follow before you cook it to achieve excellent results.

  • Choose the right wood: grape vine cuttings and bay tree wood is excellent while sap-laden wood such as fir or pine should be avoided.
  • Prepare the hot coals while the door is open by adding a small quantity of wood at a time at 10-15 minute intervals.
  • Move the hot coals towards the back of the oven, leave the door slightly ajar and let the oven heat up for about an hour.
  • A white oven means that the pyrolysis process has been completed and that the oven has reached the right temperature to cook your pizza!

Everyone knows that pizzas baked in a wood oven have an unmatchable flavour. However, to achieve such heights of goodness it is important to remember that the process is totally different from how you would cook a pizza in an electric oven. 

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated, and we are here to give you all the advice you need!

  • The first thing to remember is that the cooking time is very short, no more than 2 or 3 minutes.
  • The heat will come from one side only so you will have to use a pizza shovel just like a real pizza chef.
  • Lift different sides of the pizza slightly now and again to check for whiter parts that you should turn towards the fire as the need arises.
  • One last tip to cook your pizza evenly all over: when you turn it around, try to leave it in the same spot in the oven and the results will be impeccable!

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for a pan-baked pizza? You can find it right here, in our magazine!

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