The flames crackling merrily in the fireplace, a soft blanket on the sofa, a hot chocolate in your hands. What is missing from this perfect winter scene? Obviously the Christmas tree!

Are you changing yours or buying one for the first time? If you’re looking for an artificial tree, there are plenty of options on the market: have a look at our tips for choosing the ideal product for your home!

1. How big should your tree be?

The size obviously depends on the space available in the room, not only in terms of area but also height. You can also choose a very small tree (like a bonsai tree!) but be careful about the maximum size: the tip should never touch the ceiling and you should allow enough space for people to pass around the tree.

Also consider a minimum distance from a radiator, stove or fireplace: the heat could damage the branches, especially if it is a PVC model (cheaper than other materials, such as polyethylene).

2. Which colour should I get?

In most cases the Christmas tree is either totally green (like a real pine or fir tree) or snow-covered. These two options lend themselves to most environments and are interchangeable: the decision will depend entirely on your taste.

If you want a more original touch, however, the alternatives are truly endless: you can find silver, gold, pink, blue, multicoloured trees… you name it. If you go for a tree like this, analyse the room carefully (especially in terms of furnishings) and choose a colour that fits in well.

A few examples? Gold is ideal for furnishings with warm undertones (such as the walls of the room in the photograph below), while silver is better suited to environments with cool undertones, such as total white or total black solutions.

Eva S wood-burning stove with oven

1.     Other factors to consider

No one wants a ” dishevelled ” tree, Christmas is joy and the tree is one of the protagonists of the season.

So to choose your tree carefully consider the number of branches and how they open out: products with hooked branches (those that are arranged one-by-one on the trunk) are usually thicker and more uniform, giving a very natural effect.

Have you already found your perfect Christmas tree? Send us a photo, next to the stove or fireplace of course!

On the cover: pellet stove  Ecofire® Meghan

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