Perhaps you have already started to decorate your home with pumpkins but the time has now come to organise a Halloween party!

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Take a look at a few simple tips that will leave kids and adults dumbfounded.

How to organise a children’s Halloween party

If you want to organise a really spooky event, there are a few essential steps to follow.

  • The invitation. Get a head start by creating a scary invitation for your guests. Use your imagination and have fun creating unusual and monstrous invitation cards. Don’t forget to say it is a fancy dress party so that all the children (and their parents) can get ready for the event.
  • Games. Prepare some entertaining and fun games for all the kids attending the party well in advance. One of the first things to do – if your block of flats and your local community haven’t ruled it out – is to organise the typical trick or treat visits to neighbouring houses. Prepare some baskets or bags that the children can fill with sweets and chocolates to take with them when they ask your neighbours to choose between a “trick or treat”! Why not prepare a treasure hunt or some other creative games – that strictly revolve around spooky topics – for the remaining time of the party?!

How to organise a theme-based Halloween party

The 31st October is the perfect night to organise a theme-based party for adults.

Start by inviting your friends to come in fancy dress, giving them a specific dress code. You can even think up some entertaining forfeit that anybody who doesn’t follow the rules must pay!

Then use your imagination to create the right atmosphere at home (if you’re short of ideas, be inspired by our handmade Halloween decorations HYPERLINK “”DIY theme-based Halloween decorations).

The best place to organise a party is in a living room with a fireplace which – brightened up with decorations, Halloween festoons and lots of cobwebs – can become the focus of your home.

You can create the right atmosphere even if space is at a premium. For instance, if your flat is heated by a stove,you can surround it with pumpkins and bats.

Once you have finished decorating your home you will just have to plan the refreshments, the background music and …….lots of terrifying fun!

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