House plants are good for your health and for your soul, but how can you look after your plants now that we are well into winter?

Plants are not new to interior design, of which they have become an essential ingredient: you will probably remember that we have already recommended some ideal plants to decorate your home.Three aspects should be taken into serious consideration to make sure your plants live a long life (and don’t become “still life” icons): their position, their supporting structure and the material the pots are made of.

How to make sure you choose the right place for your plant

Each plant has its preferences in terms of temperature, humidity, exposure to light and draughts.

That’s why they are no specific rules regarding their position in your home, but just some general principles that always apply.

Most plants tend to be creatures of habit which means that they don’t like to be continuously moved around.

Nevertheless, if your plant is under par, there is probably something wrong with the environment you have chosen for it.

It may be a good idea to try changing the room, keeping in mind the specific requirements of that particular type of plant.

Stufa a pellet Palazzetti, modello Ecofire® Aria Audrey

The supporting (and design) structures

Plants as such are remarkable décor items but they become an even greater design asset when placed on the right support.

The trendiest supports at the moment are ladders. Either tall or short, sturdy or fragile, all of them offer the appeal of balance.

A balance that can even help the plant’s health.

If your plants need to be positioned at different heights (because they have to be exposed to specific light or temperature conditions, for instance) this solution will pair necessity with design!


Materials plants love

The material used for the pot must not be underestimated when looking for the right way to look after your plant. This choice obviously also has an aesthetic significance as well.

The best materials for indoor plants are undoubtedly stone, stoneware, ceramic, glass and metal.

For as much as regards metal, it is important to make sure that it has been properly treated to repel water and humidity.

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