Way beyond just grilled food: the Palazzetti barbecue offers you the opportunity of cooking on lava stone as well!

This is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking methods there is. This stone is an excellent heat conductor and you can put it directly on an open flame. The end result is healthy because it doesn’t require the addition of condiments or fats. It’s also a versatile technique that can be used with any food.

Fish, meat, vegetables, cheese or eggs: let’s look at all the advantages and tips to achieve perfect results.

The advantages of cooking on lava stone

In the first place, let’s try to get a better understanding about what lava stone is. This name refers to volcanic rock which is machined to turn it into a thin slab and is then fitted onto a frame with handles so that it can be moved around easily.

Why should you choose a lava stone slab? Because of all its advantages, of course!

  • It heats up quickly on an open flame so you don’t have to sit around waiting for hot coals to form.
  • Lava stone is the perfect cooking aid because anyone can use it! It’s even ideal for beginners and for those who don’t have much experience with grilling because the food never comes into contact with cooking fumes.
  • It delivers healthy, wholesome food because it preserves its nutritional properties and doesn’t require lots of rich condiments.
  • After it has been removed from the fire it can continue to release heat for 20-30 minutes, allowing you to keep your food warm for a long time.

The time has come to put your apron on and start cooking…..on your lava stone slab!


The secrets to cook on lava stone

How should it be used? It couldn’t be easier!

Before you start, remember that the first time you use it you will have to wash it thoroughly with just water, wait for it to dry, brush its surface with oil and leave it to rest all night. The next day you can remove the excess grease with some kitchen paper and it will be ready to use.

You can now put the lava stone slab where the grill would normally stand, directly over the fire, and let the flames kindle slowly so that it warms up gradually. Now you are ready to cook whatever you want!

Your lava stone slab will make the cooking process easier to control and simpler; it’s particularly suitable to enhance the properties of vegetables and the tender flesh of fish. Follow these five, simple rules to effortlessly achieve perfect results!

5 tips to cook fish perfectly

  1. Always marinate your fish – either sliced or in one piece – with oil, salt and herbs. If you decide to cook a whole fish, don’t scale it because the scales help protect the skin while you are cooking the fish. 
  2. Put it on the lava stone when it is hot enough (this will take about ten minutes).
  3. You will know that a whole fish is properly done when its skin goes from translucent to opaque.
  4. Sliced fish should be crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. A good way to achieve this result and to protect the slices is to wrap them in foil or vine leaves.
  5. If you are cooking fish fillets you should wash them, completely remove the scales and skin, marinate them and, if you like, protect them with a coating of breadcrumbs or slightly damp and crumbled sandwich bread.

How about cleaning? Cleaning your lava stone slab is almost effortless: just use a scraper and some damp paper cloth while it is still hot.

What could be easier than that? Palazzetti in  Giardino barbecues offer multiple cooking options: choose your favourite straight away!

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