When you are about to purchase a stove you will, of course, take various aspects into consideration: its efficiency, its size, its aesthetics and its Energy Rating. How about cleaning? People often think there is no difference between different products, neither in terms of frequency nor in terms of accessibility to the various parts of the stove, but they’re wrong!

As a matter of fact, thanks to the clever design of your pellet stove and to the use of innovative technologies, it is in fact possible to perform all ordinary maintenance tasks faster, saving precious time.

That’s exactly what our Jackie stove is like: it’s a product designed to be as easy and enjoyable as possible, from all viewpoints. Remember that a cleaner stove is a more efficient one!

Are you fed up of having to empty the ash pan?

The ash pan of a good pellet stove – no matter whether it heats by water, air or by water combined with fan-assisted heat diffusion – has to be cleaned on average at least every 2-3 days. Not Jackie though: once a week is enough for this stove.

And that’s courtesy of our Self Cleaning System (a clever system that automatically cleans the burn pot and heat exchanger) and of our exclusive Complete Burning System, a Palazzetti technology that enables total pellet combustion. What does that mean? The ash that falls into the burn pot is burnt once again until only mineral salts are left over at the end of the combustion process.

This makes it possible to greatly prolong the time between one cleaning operation and the next, but that’s not all: the entire heat value of the pellets is fully exploited, maximising efficiency and savings.

How about the other cleaning operations?

Emptying the ash pan is not enough though. To preserve the stove’s optimal efficiency other parts must also be kept clean and that’s where our stoves are really different!

The flue gas tube heat exchanger must usually be cleaned on a weekly basis to remove the soot deposits that can form when the product is used. If you own a Jackie stove, this will not be necessary because we have fitted some helical turbulators inside the tubes which, as well as increasing heat exchange, keep the tubes clean.

How’s that possible? Every time you turn your stove on or off, the Self Cleaning System technology automatically and simultaneously activates burn pot emptying as well as the turbulators that remove soot deposits with their helical movement.

The only thing left to do is to vacuum clean the flue gas path compartment located just under the ash pan. It can be easily accessed from the handy front opening without having to dismantle parts of the stove or fiddle with inspection hatches in narrow spaces. Maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a room at just the right temperature and of a perfect supply of domestic hot water!

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