Nobody likes cleaning. The kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom are more than enough; why bother cleaning your stove as well? Cleaning Kit Palazzetti wants to solve this problem by providing an effective set of tools specifically designed to help you clean your pellet stove.

What’s in our Cleaning Kit?

To keep it fully efficient for its entire service life it is essential to clean your stove regularly. This chore is often taken too lightly, either because it is tedious or because you don’t have the right tools for the job.

Our Cleaning Kit solves the latter problem by offering a set of tools that are easy to use and gets your cleaning over in no time. The box contains them all and is itself part of the kit: you can open it up to form a sort of mat you can put the tools on and which also protects the floor from ash.

The kit contains a magnetic accessory designed exclusively for stoves at pellet Ecofire®: simply connect it to the ash vacuum cleaner hose and attach it to the stove to clean the heat exchanger tubes more efficiently.

What does it contain? Our Cleaning Kit comes with all the following accessories:

  • 800 Watt ash vacuum cleaner with handle;
  • Hepa filter;
  • a double, self-extinguishing, machine washable filter bag cover;
  • a metal hose covered with plastic and a set of shaped attachments;
  • a specific glass detergent;
  • specific, eco-friendly, glass-cleaning sponge:
  • microfibre cloth to clean the stove’s outer surface;
  • flexible hose cleaner for flue gas tubes;
  • heavy-duty nylon gloves to prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the ash;
  • pellet scoop, a very useful accessory to top up the hopper with no spills.

You can watch the Cleaning Kit being used by our Vincenzo in the video below!


Start the New Year on the right foot by treating yourself and your stove to our kit: you will save time and increase the efficiency of your appliance!

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