Although getting rid of the rubbish in our seas seems too arduous a mission to be true, the Clean Sea Life project has decided to attempt this impossible task anyway. This is a European project that involves activities, collaborations and good practices aimed at cleaning up marine waters. This innovative project, promoted by the European Union, began in September 2016 and will continue until 2020. Four regions are involved in Italy (Sardinia, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Apulia).
clean sea life - ho dato la mia parola al mare
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Clean Sea Life’s goal

As declared on their website “The project wants to increase public awareness on the quantity of rubbish in the sea and on beaches, explaining how we are responsible for this and promoting active and ongoing efforts to improve the environment.” Unlike many other projects, this one doesn’t just want to make people more aware of the problem; it actually involves various concrete actions to do something tangible to rid the sea of rubbish.

What do they do?

As well as promoting awareness, this project is mapping all the areas containing the greatest quantities of rubbish which are, therefore, a real risk for sea creatures. Moreover, to start actual beach and sea cleaning campaigns some partnerships have been set up with various organisations that work in close contact with these marine areas such as seaside resorts, boat and fishing clubs. clean sea life - marine litter

Fishing for rubbish

Interesting “fishing for rubbish” activities have been started with fishermen. For various days, professional fishermen have been involved in collecting rubbish from sea beds. In fact, fishermen collect a great quantity of rubbish in their fishing nets every day. This rubbish gets trapped by chance but there isn’t any clear legislation on how to dispose of it yet which is why it often ends up in the sea again. The Clean Sea Life project has set up some partnerships with local authorities to fill this legislative gap and start to consider fishermen as possible, valuable helpers in solving the serious problem of marine pollution caused by the huge quantity of rubbish that currently ends up in the sea.

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