Have you ever heard of circular economy? Of course you have! It’s a clever economical system that doesn’t waste but reuses, regenerates and reintegrates (in the biosphere). It can be used as an alternative system to the classic , linear economy model. Linear economy is an old concept that has become unacceptable for our world, both from an ethical and a legislative viewpoint, because it uses non-renewable energies to produce goods that just become waste at the end of their service life. It goes without saying that circular economy is a sustainable model but also a way to boost the economy by favouring territories, business people and activities.  It also draws urban spaces and people closer to nature and to its foundations. It is important to remember that the EU-28’s dependence on imported energy has progressively grown and that more than half the EU-28’s gross internal consumption of energy is covered by net imports; the dependence rate now exceeds 50%. And yet we have a wealth at home we must learn to make the most of to enhance our wellbeing, create heat, more health and new sustainable projects. Our wealth consists of woodland and forests that cover more than one-third of the Italian territory. And here comes the paradox: Italy is now the European country that imports more wood than any other. We must remember that, according to effective European regulations, by 2020 at least 20% of all the energy used must come from renewable source such as the sun, biomasses and hydroelectric or Aeolian energy systems.  In 2014 the European Council – consisting of heads of state and of the governments of all the EU countries – made a pledge to raise this goal to 27% by 2030. At this stage it’s clear that: given the European regulations; given the extensive forest area in Italy; given the virtuous examples (e.g. Sweden) that have opened the way to the circular economy of wood  and given that  heating with firewood is an economical an ecological choice (firewood’s virtuous cycle doesn’t increase the quantity of CO2 in the air); given all this, it is imperative that we make the effort. Everyone’s awareness must be increased and these goals shared. Let’s carry on talking about this.

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