You ask us for advice and information on how to heat your home almost every day in your posts on Facebook or through your Instagram photos.
They are seemingly simple questions. «I have an 120 m2 flat, which stove would you recommend?» «Which is best for a two-storey home: an air-heating or a hydronic stove?» «How much would it cost me to heat a three-bedroom flat?» It’s usually impossible to reply to questions like these. Choosing a stove or fireplace is not a decision to be taken lightly, based on an appliance’s design or presumed heat output. The size of the house or flat, the type of insulation, its climate zone, how the product will be used, possible integration with an existing system: these are just some of the aspects that must be considered when making a choice. And that’s where a specialised retailer steps in. An authorised dealer is the only person you should go to if you decide to purchase a Palazzetti product. We don’t sell directly or online so beware of any stores that are not included on our map. With more than 400 authorised stores all over Italy, why trust an improvised retailer? When you choose an authorised Palazzetti partner you will have someone by your side from the moment you are trying to make the right choice until after your purchase. You will receive proper advice to choose your stove which will be professionally installed by specialised personnel and constantly looked after thanks to a warranty and ongoing after-sales assistance. Do you have a problem with your Palazzetti product? Trust those who are constantly updated and trained on our products (but their training goes beyond that!). We have over 200 After-sales Service Centres that are strategically located all over Italy and supported by our helpline ( which answers your questions every day. Choosing the right channel means opting for quality, now and in the years to come.

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