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Can you see this sticker? Look at it carefully, learn its contents off by heart and never forget them.  Does that seem a bit over the top? Carry on reading and you will see how this sticker represents a fundamental step for the wellbeing of ourselves, of our environment and of our entire planet.  It is also essential for market transparency, making it comply with ethical rules that offer guarantees and respect the consumer. In other words, these are serious – very serious – matters! Matters that – thanks to this sticker (i.e. certificate) now have a space in which trade and consumers can communicate.

What is the “Aria pulita” (Clean Air) Certificate?

So, let’s find out what it’s all about. To start with, we are talking about wood and pellet heating appliances: stoves, fireplaces, wood-burning range cookers (if we were talking about the Italian region of Friuli we could add traditional, “spolert” range cookers) and any other biomass heating system. A warm atmosphere, natural heat, savings, emissions. Everyone knows that “natural” does not necessarily mean healthy. In fact, when talking about wood and pellet combustion it is important to make some essential facts clear.   Stoves, fireplaces, wood and pellet range cookers only offer all-round advantages (to people, the environment and our planet) if they are certified. More precisely: certified by “Aria Pulita”. This sticker draws a line between an advanced, sustainable system and just another stove. “Aria Pulita” is a voluntary certification that some manufacturers (like Palazzetti) adhere to. It identifies wood or pellet domestic heating appliances on the basis of their environmental performances measured not only in terms of heat efficiencies but also in terms of emissions of various types (carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, particulates and nitrogen oxides).

The sticker

The first thing to consider before anything else is the number of stars on the sticker. The stars indicate how the appliance has been classified by the “Aria Pulita” committee. No one-star appliance (i.e. an appliance that simply meets market requirements in terms of emissions) can be awarded this sticker. This certification system expects more. Two to four star stickers (a five-star certification is on the way!) represent the best current solutions to environmental requirements, i.e. wood and pellet stoves and inserts that ensure 70% lower particulate emissions than one-star appliances.

“Aria Pulita”: a voluntary certification

The fact that it is voluntary is very significant. This gives companies the chance to prove their individual awareness towards environmental problems and energy savings by creating products that have an increasingly lower impact on the environment and are more convenient to use. Those who, like Palazzetti, have chosen the “Aria Pulita” certification are subject to the assessment of a specific independent Certification Committee composed of representatives from the Italian ENEA (Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economical development), Legambiente (Italian environmentalist association), ENAMA (National Agency for Agricultural  Mechanization) and Unione Nazionale Consumatori (National Consumer Association), i.e. bodies that are deeply involved in environmental protection and consumer protection. This is no self-declaration, it’s a certificate that measures and assesses the environmental impact, consumptions and heat output of products using stars that are assigned only after strict, impartial tests have been performed. Some important stove, fireplace and wood-burning boiler manufacturers are making considerable investments to research and develop technologically sustainable solutions  in terms of air quality. These efforts should be rightly acknowledged. We also think this is an essential, transparent tool to guide consumers to make a thoroughly knowledgeable purchase. Therefore, we think it only right to say: ladies and gentlemen, consult the stars before making your choice!

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