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Sphere Forest, our green breathing space dedicated to the world

Loving the environment has always been in our DNA. When we talk about “the heat that nature likes”, we’re not just talking a lot of hot air. We truly believe that and, every day, we work hard to create sustainable products with the future in mind. A clear example of that is LIFE Green-Stove, an ambitious project which will see us launch a highly-efficient pellet stove that manages to drastically reduce emissions, due on the market by 2024. This is our contribution to even greener heating, in line with the European Union’s zero impact climate goals. This year, we decided to…

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THANK YOU, 7.850 billion times!

Why so many thanks? And most importantly; thank you to whom? Such a huge number, 7, 850 billion, that appears in the title, corresponds to the population of the planet. We imagined that each one of them could be grateful to those who purchase a fireplace or a latest generation stove. Even better if it’s a Palazzetti product, whose priority has always been to safeguard the ecosystem. Those who decide to heat their homes with a latest generation Palazzetti pellet stove or fireplace not only say no to fossil fuels, but also choose an optimal daily comfort and a healthy…

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The Palazzetti 5.0 App is here at last!

The Palazzetti 5.0 App has finally arrived. This update makes it even easier to use our products every day; for instance, when you need more information on the warranty, technical assistance or literature.  More importantly, it opens our digital eco-system up to all those who own a Palazzetti product but have not used our Connection Box to connect it. What does all this mean exactly? Find out with us! What’s new with the Palazzetti 5.0 App? The Digital Booklet is the core feature of our new release. This useful tool makes all your stove or fireplace literature readily available without…

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Green Good Design® 2021 award for our innovative Meghan stove

Our Meghan stoveis one of the winners of the Green Good Design® Award 2021! We can now add this prize to the previously-issued Ecodesign 2022 certificate as proof of the comprehensive innovation of its cutting-edge technology.  We would now like to tell you what this award is about and why this Palazzetti product has an authentically green soul. The Green Good Design® 2021 award The Green Good Design® award was founded on the collaboration between The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies to present the best new products – designed with…

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Palazzetti App 4.0: ongoing evolution

Since we launched our Palazzetti App four years ago we have never stopped working on it. Investing in Research & Development means improving day after day to offer a product that meets customer requirements to an increasingly greater degree. Not just in terms of the actual product but also for as much as regards auxiliary services. This is the basic idea behind the Palazzetti APP, an innovative product that evolves with the market and grows with technology thanks to the continuous feedback of our customers who use it day in, day out.  The 4.0 version arrived in 2018 and is…

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