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LIFE Green-Stove: Palazzetti’s project for the LIFE Programme

Since 1992, the LIFE Programme has been the main instrument for financing environmental and climate protection actions in the European Union. In these nearly 30 years it has supported thousands of projects, from the creation of Natura 2000 sites (one just a few kilometres from our company!) to the development of more efficient products and industrial processes significantly reducing their impact on the environment and on Man. (You can scroll through the best projects of recent years by clicking on this link). To apply to be part of LIFE it’s necessary to submit a “very detailed project proposal“, including technical…

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Designer firewood racks: 10 ideas to copy (and choose!)

Are you trying to decide which firewood rack you should choose for your fireplace? Get inspired by lots of interesting ideas! Notwithstanding its obvious practicality, many designer homes, especially if their style is modern and minimalist, tend to hide firewood racks. Nevertheless, an endless variety of log holders can be designed and planned and they can effortlessly adapt to any type of room. There are recessed and double-sided versions, racks in little niches and much more: why hide your logwood when it can become a real furnishing feature? Here are a few ideas to get inspired by, taken from the…

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The Palazzetti 5.0 App is here at last!

The Palazzetti 5.0 App has finally arrived. This update makes it even easier to use our products every day; for instance, when you need more information on the warranty, technical assistance or literature.  More importantly, it opens our digital eco-system up to all those who own a Palazzetti product but have not used our Connection Box to connect it. What does all this mean exactly? Find out with us! What’s new with the Palazzetti 5.0 App? The Digital Booklet is the core feature of our new release. This useful tool makes all your stove or fireplace literature readily available without…

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Dispositivo My Cli-Mate Palazzetti appoggiato su un ripiano in legno scuro
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My Cli-Mate, your partner for an ideal temperature!

“Alexa, turn the heat down!” If you’ve got a Palazzetti pellet stove, have installed the Connection Box properly and own an Alexa device you probably indulged in the practicality of voice commands last winter. But did you know you can have even more than that? Thanks to My Cli-Mate you can automate hot air fan control to achieve the perfect temperature in every room. Let’s find out more together! What is My Cli-mate Palazzetti and how does it work? My Cli-Mate is a small temperature sensor (just 8 cm in diameter!) with a modern, minimalist design capable of connecting to…

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How to choose the best pellets: the ENplus® seal

You’ve never bought pellets before and are at a loss about how to choose? Don’t worry, given the numerous products on the market it’s not easy to know how to make the right choice to get the most out of your Palazzetti stove. We’re here to help you, starting from a fundamental question. What are pellets? What we normally call pellet fuel is obtained by mechanically pressing wood sawdust which stays together thanks to lignin, a substance naturally contained in wood that behaves like natural glue.  The result is the typical small cylindrical pellets that are sold by weight, usually…

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How to cook pizza in a wood oven

Are you a real pizza lover? Did you try to make all kinds of dough during the lockdown and are now starting to feel like a professional pizza chef? In that case it’s high time to start really surprising relatives and friends: a barbecue using a wood oven is exactly what you need!  Why choose a wood oven? Your personal barbecue is a bit like a member of the family you are particularly fond of or a special friend: it’s always there on important occasions and during the most memorable days of the year. Each model has its specific features and assets…

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Green Good Design® 2021 award for our innovative Meghan stove

Our Meghan stoveis one of the winners of the Green Good Design® Award 2021! We can now add this prize to the previously-issued Ecodesign 2022 certificate as proof of the comprehensive innovation of its cutting-edge technology.  We would now like to tell you what this award is about and why this Palazzetti product has an authentically green soul. The Green Good Design® 2021 award The Green Good Design® award was founded on the collaboration between The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies to present the best new products – designed with…

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Instructions for perfect barbecue assembly!

Have you just purchased a cement barbecue? In that case, you are in the right place: follow our advice for perfect barbecue assembly! Where you should install your barbecue The first fundamental step is to choose where you want to install your new BBQ: you must have enough room to move around easily while you cook! For safety purposes and to allow the smoke to disperse, the barbecue must stand at a distance of at least 6 metres from trees, buildings or other vertical obstacles.   How to create a solid base To be long-lasting, your barbecue must stand on a…

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How to repair any cracks in your barbecue

Do you think spring is the most beautiful season of the year because you can use your barbecue again at last? In that case we are sure you have already started to think about cleaning and lighting your barbecue!  Oh dear, what’s that? Did you find some cracks that weren’t there last year as soon as you removed the cover? Don’t panic, we have the right tools to fix them Palazzetti’s special Easy Fix glue In the first place, rest assured that you haven’t been accidentally struck by bad luck: it’s totally normal for a cement barbecue to require ordinary…

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Luxury, exclusive furnishings and view for a villa in Crete

Out of the beautiful, white beaches of Crete, in Greece, the ones around the small town of Kissamos are the most popular for those looking for a quiet place to stay, undisturbed by an intense flow of tourists. When walking along its streets one can see evidence of the occupations the island was subjected to over the centuries, such as the remains of the Roman aqueduct, the powerful ramparts of the Venetian walls and the archaeological museum that accommodates memories of the Ottoman rule. A curious fact: the town is still often called Kastelli by the inhabitants of the area,…

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