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interior design con forme curve e parete in rosa chiaro e scuro - palazzetti magazine
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The charm of curves among 2022 trends

Sofas with sinuous shapes, circular decorations on the walls, swimming pools and round bar islands:  2022 interior design will be characterized by curves. This is what Pinterest is saying too, having once again studied the behaviour of its users in order to anticipate the trends of the year that has just begun. So what searches did people make to give us this result? At the top of the list we find: Round pool ideas +170% Round sofa for living room +3x Curved interior walls +4x Design for round bars +140% Curved kitchen peninsulas +3x In short, it’s time to flip…

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come curare le piante da interni in inverno - foto con stufa jackie palazzetti
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How to care for your houseplants in winter

We have now left the warm sunny days behind and autumn is also drawing to a close. Just like us, houseplants need to be cared for differently during the winter season to protect them from the cold or – in some cases – the excessive heat in certain rooms. Here are a few tips for protecting your houseplants in winter! Controlled and constant temperature Most houseplants are tropical and therefore require a temperature close to 20°C. Obviously it’s not possible to maintain this temperature 24 hours a day, either because it wastes energy (especially if you are out of the…

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Dispositivo My Cli-Mate Palazzetti appoggiato su un ripiano in legno scuro
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My Cli-Mate, your partner for an ideal temperature!

“Alexa, turn the heat down!” If you’ve got a Palazzetti pellet stove, have installed the Connection Box properly and own an Alexa device you probably indulged in the practicality of voice commands last winter. But did you know you can have even more than that? Thanks to My Cli-Mate you can automate hot air fan control to achieve the perfect temperature in every room. Let’s find out more together! What is My Cli-mate Palazzetti and how does it work? My Cli-Mate is a small temperature sensor (just 8 cm in diameter!) with a modern, minimalist design capable of connecting to…

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How to cook on lava stone

Way beyond just grilled food: the Palazzetti barbecue offers you the opportunity of cooking on lava stone as well! This is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking methods there is. This stone is an excellent heat conductor and you can put it directly on an open flame. The end result is healthy because it doesn’t require the addition of condiments or fats. It’s also a versatile technique that can be used with any food. Fish, meat, vegetables, cheese or eggs: let’s look at all the advantages and tips to achieve perfect results. The advantages of cooking on lava stone…

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Caesar Salad: how to grill chicken to perfection

As unbelievable as it sounds: there was actually no chicken in the original Caesar Salad recipe. In fact, although the name Caesar Salad to most people means ‘chicken salad’, it is something of a misnomer: the original has been made in countless variations, the most famous of which is the one with the addition of grilled chicken breast. So what is the original Caesar Salad recipe? This is the story. Caesar Salad is one of the most famous salads in the world. It owes its name to the chef who invented it: the Italian Cesare Cardini, who emigrated to San…

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How to plan a kitchen to suit the spaces available

The island: the ideal kitchen for authentic chefs Another type of kitchen that is really popular, especially for those who are authentic chefs at heart, is the island kitchen. The only catch is that this kitchen can only be installed in large rooms in which the cooking area then becomes the focus of the whole layout. When planning this kitchen, particular attention should be paid to the utility systems that should ideally all be located under a baseboard above which a false ceiling should be built for the cooker hood. Just choose the best layout for your kitchen so that…

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