Festive season and easter

Advice, inspirations and practical guides to make your home even cosier, more original and creative during the holidays!

caminetto a legna sistiana palazzetti
Festive season and easter, Home

A home high on Christmas spirit!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rockJingle bells swing and jingle bells ringSnowing and blowing up bushels of funNow the jingle hop has begun ? Feel the Christmas spirit in the air yet? Well, it’s time to bring it into your home and make your holidays magical! The living room: where the Christmas tree reigns Phase one obviously starts from the common space par excellence: the living room. Have you got your Christmas tree ready yet? Traditional, minimal or original and unconventional: everyone has their own style and this is the right time to show it off! Is there anything…

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Easter bbq, some great ideas

Have you already thought about how to celebrate Easter Monday this year? The day after Easter Sunday is traditionally a time for a day trip or a barbecue outdoors (and they don’t need to be mutually exclusive!). So it’s the perfect opportunity to start up your old barbecue or try it out if you’ve just bought a new one.

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Festive season and easter, Home

2018 New Year’s celebrations: ideas for the table and decorations

Some people like to go out to welcome the New Year in while others prefer to celebrate at home with friends. Do you belong to the latter group? In that case you must know how important it is to create an impressive atmosphere that your guests won’t easily forget! We have browsed the web in search of interesting ideas and have come up with centrepieces, plates and other tips for your New Year’s Eve party!

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