Lots of tips for your home: interior design inspirations, bricolage and DIY tutorials, advice and ideas to organise and decorate your home during the festive season and holidays.

come utilizzare le piante per migliorare la privacy del terrazzo - palazzetti
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Improve privacy on your balcony, terrace or in the garden with plants (and privacy screens)

Have you ever noticed prying eyes while relaxing on your balcony or enjoying some fresh air in your garden? Unfortunately, when homes are close to one another, especially in the city, it’s difficult to escape the gaze of neighbours or passers-by. Sometimes it isn’t even a question of curiosity or being too invasive. Our eyes are simply attracted to people moving about. How can we improve privacy in these outdoor areas? A privacy screen is the most rapid solution. Whether it’s a tall panel with wooden slats, a mesh grille, a trellis or bamboo canes…there are plenty of options to choose from,…

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pranzo di famiglia in giardino con genitori, bambini e nonni - magazine Palazzetti
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How to organise the perfect al fresco Easter meal

Easter and spring always go hand-in-hand and it’s impossible to resist the pleasure of spending more time outdoors, better still if you’re sitting at a festive table with family and friends. It’s not difficult to organise an outdoor meal for Easter: even a simple barbecue can become an unforgettable event with the addition of a few special touches. How to prepare your garden for your Easter feast We will, of course, start from the table which will be the focus of the meal. The ideal table setting will feature pastel colours (maybe just for the decorations) or be based on…

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5 tips to use less plastic

Respecting the environment is easy if you have chosen a Palazzetti stove or fireplace to heat your home. Do you apply the same sustainable approach to other areas of your life? Today, we would like to give you some advice on how to use less plastic by adopting a few, simple good habits: a small step towards an (almost) plastic-free life! 1. Stop using plastic bottles Say yes to bottles, jugs and pitchers. Your tap water is healthy to drink and very well tested which means it is totally safe (just ask your Town Hall for further information). Nevertheless, it…

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Japanese-inspired interiors: Wabi-sabi furniture

Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, and nothing is complete:  these are the three key principles of Wabi-sabi, the minimalist Japanese aesthetic that is winning over design lovers all over the world. We can call this trend the Asian counterpart of the hygge style, a design trend that regards small defects as precious and in which every element must point to beauty, authenticity and experience. The traditional Japanese philosophy is an integral part of this aesthetic because it chooses minimal shapes, simple furniture and unique, asymmetric elements whose imperfection makes them perfect for the room.  Are there any famous examples?…

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Home furnishing: 3 design trends for 2022

Have you decided to give your home a new look in 2022? Studying the latest trends is always a good place to start. They can inspire you and offer plenty of interesting ideas to give your favourite rooms a fresh new look. Discover the main home furnishing trends of the moment with us! Visualizza questo post su Instagram Un post condiviso da Nancy (@simplysmashingdesigns) Visualizza questo post su Instagram Un post condiviso da Laura Sima // Sima Spaces (@simaspaces) “Specialist” rooms After two years of lockdowns and reopenings, our homes have become even more important. Gardens, balconies and living rooms…

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How to make your Christmas Poinsettias last all year long

Were you given a Poinsettia over the holidays? What you should know is that the Poinsettia, in spite of what you may think, can survive throughout the year, to flourish again as splendid as before. The important thing, of course, is to take care of it in the right way: in this article we’ll explain how to go about it! Winter Place your plant away from heat sources (fireplace, stove, or heater) and from areas prone to draughts or through currents (in front of windows and doors leading directly outside). The Poinsettia needs lots of light, but not direct light….

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interior design con forme curve e parete in rosa chiaro e scuro - palazzetti magazine
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The charm of curves among 2022 trends

Sofas with sinuous shapes, circular decorations on the walls, swimming pools and round bar islands:  2022 interior design will be characterized by curves. This is what Pinterest is saying too, having once again studied the behaviour of its users in order to anticipate the trends of the year that has just begun. So what searches did people make to give us this result? At the top of the list we find: Round pool ideas +170% Round sofa for living room +3x Curved interior walls +4x Design for round bars +140% Curved kitchen peninsulas +3x In short, it’s time to flip…

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Very Peri is the colour of the year 2022

Each year, the world of interior design eagerly awaits the election of Pantone’s Color of the Year, capable of interpreting contemporary taste and at the same time dictating trends for months to come. So what should we expect from 2022? The answer is Very Peri! Curious and intriguing, this new shade of blue with a purple-red undertone becomes an expression of a time of great change, with lifestyles in constant flux, between isolations, re-openings and new digital realities to explore. An unusual colour, therefore brave, ready to stimulate creativity to see the world with different eyes, as explained by Leatrice…

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Tendenze Natale 2021
Festive season and easter

All the magic of Christmas in five different trends

Here we go again! The most magical time of the year is back, with all its lights, decorations and songs. Xmas is all this and much more. It’s a reassuring certainty that comes back year after year, similar yet slightly different each and every time. That’s because, just like fashion, tastes and habits, Xmas celebration trends change as well. What can we expect this year? Let’s explore the 5 trends for Xmas 2021 together! 1. Focus on ecological decorations and gifts Eco-sustainability never goes on holiday, especially at Xmas. The festive season is the ideal opportunity to make even more…

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palazzetti stufa meghan natale
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How to choose the perfect Christmas tree

The flames crackling merrily in the fireplace, a soft blanket on the sofa, a hot chocolate in your hands. What is missing from this perfect winter scene? Obviously the Christmas tree! Are you changing yours or buying one for the first time? If you’re looking for an artificial tree, there are plenty of options on the market: have a look at our tips for choosing the ideal product for your home! 1. How big should your tree be? The size obviously depends on the space available in the room, not only in terms of area but also height. You can also…

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