We are in Rome, in one of those fine 70s buildings that have determined the city’s urban landscape for half a century. The type of building you recognise immediately and remember over time.

We asked architect Filippo Bombace to tell us about the “Casa dritta-curva” renovation project (selected amongst the Best of 2022 by Archilovers!) for which our Ecomonoblocco WT firebox was chosen to heat the reception room.

Inspired by geometric shapes

The layout of this project is determined by the unusual design of the external balconies whose geometric sequence – including straight lines, semi-circles and quarter circles – effectively set the pace for the indoor spaces.

Once the general plan was agreed upon, we started to research into the choice of materials and of the colour palette to be used with the Customers.  The end result was a net dualism made up of the warmth of oak wood and white walls, intersected by elegant Calacatta marble elements.

The large living room – which accommodates the Palazzetti fireplace – is divided by delicate partitions made of wood panels which create a see-through effect that makes this space unique.

Oak wood has also been used for the storage units, the furniture and the slatted wall panelling that covers the entire wall skirting the reception room.

The fireplace: WT 78 SX

One of the customers’ requests was to keep the pre-existing fireplace which they however wanted to reinterpret in a streamlined, contemporary key.

Our installation work was simplified by the pre-existing flue, as well as by the possibility of using the balcony behind the fireplace to easily make all the holes necessary for the air inlets in total safety.

The choice of the fireplace fell on the Palazzetti  WT 78 SX appliance which, thanks to its minimal design, is perfectly in line with the aesthetic of the project. Its custom cladding is made of natural oak wood, with the contribution of a cabinet maker, and is paired with white Calacatta porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding matching the marble elements in the room.

Our Ecomonoblocco WT, with a 4-star Environmental Performance rating, adds even more character to the home and meets all the regulations in force on performances and emissions: it’s certainly a product that delivers top performances paired with a strong aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it can be easily controlled from a smartphone (by using our Palazzetti App) or by means of voice commands (Palazzetti Vox), making it even more enjoyable for Customers to use.

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Why choose Palazzetti?

We have been acquainted with the brand – which definitely represents high quality standards within its sector – for years. In recent years, the contents of the Palazzetti catalogue have been aligned with the minimal, clean-cut trends that are often now required by projects and this has definitely increased the appeal of the brand’s products.

Architect Filippo Bombace

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More info about this project

Designer: Filippo Bombace
Collaborator: Giorgio Bombace
Year: 2021
Photos: Serena Eller Vainicher


oficina de arquitectura
via Monte Tomatico, 1 – 00141 Roma (ITALY)

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