Have you already started hanging your carnival decorations up? They’re not as popular or traditional as Xmas decorations but they do add colour and joy to your home while waiting for springtime. We think these reasons are more than good enough to start decorating your home: don’t you agree?

Some DIY ideas

If you love DIY projects we have chosen a few ideas that may inspire you to brighten up your home with a bit of style. The main tip to achieve this effect is to choose only colours verging on pastel shades for your carnival decorations. Let’s start with a row of lanterns: a perfect way to decorate the door frames of your rooms. These decorations will create such an enchanting atmosphere during the day and night that you may want to keep them all year round!
decorazioni di carnevale_lanterne colorate
Progetto © My Interior Design
A slightly less luminous idea that is still colourful and stunning is this festoon with paper-pulp appliqués. This project is also perfect for other party decorations especially in the spring or summer. You can hang it from the wall, above your fireplace, or even on your terrace or garden!
decorazioni di carnevale_festoni cartapesta
Progetto © You Are My Fave
We advise against letting confetti into your home because it’s so difficult to get rid of them once they are there. We do have a solution though……why not hang them on your walls? Just hang some simple, coloured circles and you’ve done!
Progetto © Ultimissime dall’Orto
If you just can’t wait for spring to arrive, why not decorate your chairs with little, flower garlands? They can even be used as inspiration to choose the theme of a home-based carnival party.
decorazioni di carnevale_ghirlande di fiori
Progetto © The Proper Blog
In this case – in addition to carnival decorations – you should think of the right table setting to stun your guests as well.  Why not use flowers again, confetti, streamers and masks to make your table look really inviting? Talking about tables, are you looking for a typical carnival recipe? In that case don’t miss these delicious cream-filled Frittelle!

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