Is Carnival your favourite time of year? Celebrate it to the fullest, making it unforgettable.

If you’re tired of the “usual” party (here we’ll give you some advice!) you can organise a more original event: why not a themed party?


Carnival revival

If you’re a lover of a particular historical era, this is for you. How many of us, if we could make a wish, would choose to go back in time? Well, a revival party is ideal for trying to recreate the mood of a bygone era. Would you have liked to live in the New York of the 20s, letting rip on the dance floor to Lindy Hop and drinking precious cocktails in the prohibition era? Get your guests to dress up in baggy, pinstripe trousers or pleated skirts.

Or are the ’60s your passion? Take a quick look back at Happy Days, get inspired by the shoes, leather jackets, greased-back hair (for him) or fluffy (for her). Beatles style hair and hair-dos that protect you from the rain!

Are you a long-lost child of the flower-power age? Put on the waistcoat your parents might have worn, floral blouse, round glasses and wild hair! The ’70s are waiting for you. Catapult yourself to Woodstock, with a helping of psychedelic music and Jimi Hendrix.

Carnival horror

If Carnival reigns for you and Halloween doesn’t exist (or almost doesn’t), this could be the right time to host a gruesome horror party, with masks inspired by the most monstrous of characters from fairytales, legends and stories. Dripping blood, severed heads, deep wounds, glass eyes and who knows what else. A horror-themed carnival party won’t leave your guests feeling indifferent.

Couples party

Who are the great couples recognizable anywhere? Fred and Wilma, Morticia and Gomez Addams, Olivia and Popeye. And how many others do you know? If your guests are engaged (or if you want to put some together), a couples themed party might be ideal. But, be warned: it’s Carnival, don’t overdo the lights!


Masked ball

If you’re well known for your fine taste, why not go straight to the king of all carnivals? Venice style. Get ready for a lavish party, amidst baroque masks and champagne goblets. Or take for example the iconic Le Bal Surréaliste de Madame Rothschild, a great masked ball to revive the baroque and surrealist atmosphere of that evening of 12th December 1972.

Carnival goes to the movies

And if your passion is cinema, why not think of a party that immerses you in a cinematic atmosphere? Whether you’re talking about feature films or TV series, the collective imagination has always been struck by fashions (and history). Why not get your guests in the mood to be inspired by Star Wars or Games Of Thrones, Stranger Things or Ghostbusters?

Now you have some ideas, what will you choose?

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