This year has begun with a new project that takes us to Campania, in Naples, more precisely on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. Architect Guido Sica is with us today, telling us about what inspired him to create a modern and innovative home.

What inspired the project

There were three important requirements underlying this project: an optimal use of natural light, the possibility of having a panoramic view of Mount Vesuvius and the client’s request for a place that would inspire conviviality. All this with minimal, modern and innovative use of materials.

How could these requirements be harmoniously combined?

The architect chose an open space design with a kitchen and living area in the same room: light can flood the room and a large window offers an unparalleled view of the landscape. Spaces flow into one another and the people in the house can move unhindered from one room to another.

The choice of materials was based on their innovative features and functionality: large panes of glass (120×120 cm), picture-partitions in printed fibreglass in the reception room, eco-mortar in the bathrooms.

A spectacular Palazzetti gas fireplace in the version with three glass sides and a “floating” base steals the show in the reception room. Although the house boasts modern lines and materials, the position of the fireplace is traditional, reminiscent of those of bygone days around which the whole family used to sit in the evening. This is the perfect object to create the conviviality wanted by the owners!

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