Can you smell that wonderful aroma wafting through the air? Spring has signalled the arrival of the barbecue season, those carefree lunches and dinners with friends and family. Having a bbq is a bit like a ritual, an essential part of summer, and like any self-respecting ritual has its very own variety of rules and tools. Continue to follow us to discover the many different cooking methods that are possible with Palazzetti barbecues: let’s start with a great bbq tradition, grilling. Before getting into the details of grilling, if you are looking for a new bbq, make the most of the Palazzetti Barbecue Sale, on until 30th June, 2019. With the purchase of Gargano 3 or Gallipoli 3 you also get a free set of high quality cooking accessories in stainless steel, ideal for your grills! And if you want more than just a grill for your barbeque cooking, you can create a real outdoor kitchen by adding one or more of our Cookie line gas hob modules. So for now it’s time to get on our aprons and turn up the heat: let’s have a look at some great ideas for the grill!
Barbecue Palazzetti – Faro New


This is a well-known cooking method used throughout the world and, as you know, consists of cooking food placed on a grill using the heat from the embers. During cooking, you need to make sure that liquefied fats from the food don’t fall onto the heat source because they risk creating flames or fumes, which could be harmful to your health. For this reason, it is preferable to use semicircular stainless steel or enamelled cast iron grills with a drip-pan to collect the fats and use natural fuels, which do not soak up cooking fat. You should oil the grill and rest it over the embers a few minutes before starting to cook so that it heats up properly: in this way you will prevent the food from sticking. It only takes a few minutes over the embers before the grill is hot and ready to use. A final reminder? When you have finished cooking, don’t forget to clean the grill to keep it working at its best for longer. promozione-barbecue-Palazzetti-2019

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