Nissoria, a small hamlet dating back to the 6th century, is located in a sunny upland surrounded by green valleys in the Enna province of beautiful Sicily. Just over 3,000 people live on about 6,000 hectares of mostly uncontaminated nature.

Today’s project by Ma.edil sas comes from a private villa in this little village and features the Malibù 2 barbecue by Palazzetti.

Malibù 2 barbecue: a modular choice

A breathtaking panorama for a marvellous outdoor setting.

A barbecue is essential in a context such as this one, especially if it is fitted with all the elements needed to make a kitchen complete.  A traditional barbecue meal, a dinner party with friends, Sunday lunch: why stay cooped-up indoors when everything you need is outside?

For this project, the modular Malibù 2 barbecue has been configured with an oven, 2 worktops and a sink. A complete kitchen in which every detail has been carefully studied.

Including organisation. For the best possible organisation of everything needed, the base below the barbecue is provided with open and closed shelving to contain anything ranging from plates to cutlery, linens and condiments.

The colours have been chosen to harmonise with the preceding context.

The discreet red, honed Marmotech top is paired with peach-coloured doors and a burgundy red chimney, all of which perfectly match the pre-existing gazebo.

The countryside in the province of Enna, Sicily

Do you have a Palazzetti barbecue in your garden? Send us some photos and tell us about your project!

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