Who says you can only grill on a barbecue? Barbecues can cook in all sorts of different ways so you have lots of room to use your culinary imagination, and not just in the summer. Today we are going to talk about the essential ones: grilling, stone slab cooking, rotisserie roasting and foil-wrapped baking. Which is your favourite?

What type of barbecue cooking method should I choose?

As you can probably image, the answer is simple: it depends. It depends on how much time you have on your hands, on how you want your food to taste, on the food you want to cook and on the recipe you have chosen. But, above all, it depends on your personal taste, because we’re not all the same and each one of us has his or her own preferences. Grilling This is the most common barbecue technique in the world; it exploits the heat produced by hot coals and requires additional fats. The grill heats up in just a few minutes, making this the best method when you don’t have much time for cooking. Rotisserie roasting This is the cooking method that yields the tastiest results but it is also the most demanding. It can be used to cook both meat and fish, even in large pieces. Can we give you a bit of advice? If you’re not a rotisserie expert, start off with something easy like chicken until you have become more skilful. Soapstone Stone stores heat and preserves it for a long time, after which it releases it evenly to the food. This method is suitable for those who aren’t expert cooks, as well as being the oldest and healthiest method of all:  you don’t need to add cooking oils to your food. Foil-wrapped baking This baking method is the most suitable for delicate foods such as some types of fish, vegetables and fruit. The foil wrap keeps the food moist and juicy but, for perfect results, you need to calculate cooking times very accurately.

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