How to serve coffee, organise a lunch or dinner, arrange a buffet meal: etiquette is everywhere and it’s essential to get acquainted with its rules. Although more liberal than classic etiquette, even barbecues have their rules which should not be underestimated.

Don’t worry, barbecue etiquette has nothing to do with the way glasses are arranged, your cutlery’s material or the way you cross your legs when you sit down. We will just give you a few guidelines that will help your guests feel at ease during their stay.

Managing spaces

Each guest must have a sufficiently large and comfortable place to sit at.  A space large enough to make it easy to leave the table without disturbing other guests or having to move like a contortionist!

Try to make sure the table is not too far from the barbecue so that the cook is never isolated!

Timing is important

What food will you be cooking? Each cut of meat (or fish) requires different cooking times and the same goes for side dishes.

Prepare a to-do list and start cooking the food that takes the longest first. Try to divide the portions as well as you possible can so that all your guests are served at the same time.

You don’t think a traditional grill will meet your needs? Our PatmosPianosa and Vulcano barbecues offer you the option of adding a professional 38kg rotisserie!

Recipes and pairings

A barbecue with friends is definitely not the right time to try out new, fanciful  recipes. Serve your best tried and tested dish so that you can be certain of the quality. Or, alternatively, try out our magazine recipes that are simple and have been tried out by us!

Choose your wine (or beer) depending on the food and don’t forget soft drinks: don’t leave drivers and children parched!

Do you think you might forget these easy, essential rules? Save our infograph on your computer, smartphone or on your Pinterest board!

il galateo del barbecue
Palazzetti’s Maxime 2 line is shown in the photo

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