To quote a famous Italian song: Summer is over and another year is on its way out….but some 2017 winter trends – albeit with a different twist – are confirmed for this autumn’s furniture as well.

Styles distinctive of 2018

The three trends we have already identified as distinctive of 2018 are industrial chic, velvet upholstery and the presence of gold and brass furnishings. The newest of all these furnishing styles is undoubtedly the great return of velvet with its slightly vintage soul revisited in a totally contemporary key. Velvet upholstery (better still if embellished by gold and brass accents) is once again the trend for this autumn’s furniture too.
arredamento dell'autunno - divano velluto
Foto © Maxdivani

A colourful, upholstered autumn

Ochre, sage green, brick red, olive green, pumpkin orange as well as very bright red and blue.   These are the main colours that distinguish the velvet upholstery of 2018 autumn furniture. Shades inspired by nature, including all types of greens and earthy tones. Colours that warm you up during the first, cold nights and spoil you during those rainy autumn days with the addition of brighter shades for a fun effect. It won’t just be colours and velvet warming up the atmosphere this autumn; padding – mainly on living room chairs – will also have its fair share of the credit. The forthcoming season will be marked by soft, curvy and bold lines. Sharp angles and edges will be a thing of the past and we will sink into reassuring, full forms that will accompany us in our search for the utmost in comfort. A fun touch (giving upholstered furniture a lighter air) will be afforded by some livelier shades but also by modular sofas that can be fitted to suit the space available and your personal taste.
arredamento dell'autunno - divano angolo
Foto © Ditre Italia

Gold autumn furniture

If you think velvet upholstery will give your home a rather heavy feel to it, think again because another trend – that is just as strong – is to pair this material with gold or brass coloured metal elements. Make way for vases, stools, lampshades and small design objects; exactly what you need to brighten up your room while preserving a refined, chic look.

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