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How to (quickly) prepare a yoghurt salsa

Yoghurt salsa is a passepartout, a bit like hollandaise or mayonnaise. It is difficult to find a common, generic recipe because its preparation varies from country to country, as well as how it’s used. Any examples? How about as a dressing for a German potato salad, as a kebab sauce (Middle Eastern) or in the most well-known of them all, Greek tzatziki sauce. How do you choose the right yoghurt salsa? As you may have guessed, there are many variations and are based on the aromatic herbs used in the preparation phase. It’s the herbs that “decide” the perfect combination,…

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caminetto a legna sistiana palazzetti
Festive season and easter, Home

A home high on Christmas spirit!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rockJingle bells swing and jingle bells ringSnowing and blowing up bushels of funNow the jingle hop has begun ? Feel the Christmas spirit in the air yet? Well, it’s time to bring it into your home and make your holidays magical! The living room: where the Christmas tree reigns Phase one obviously starts from the common space par excellence: the living room. Have you got your Christmas tree ready yet? Traditional, minimal or original and unconventional: everyone has their own style and this is the right time to show it off! Is there anything…

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Nuovo focolare Ecomonoblocco WT Palazzetti
Palazzetti's world, Products

Beautiful and smart: that’s the new Ecomonoblocco WT!

Don’t call it a fireplace: Palazzetti’s new Ecomonoblocco WT is a real heating system that delivers the ideal climate to your entire home. It features minimalist lines so that all the attention is drawn to the fire: you can install it in a modern or classical and traditional setting and choose your favourite cladding. It’s beautiful, but, as stated in the heading, it’s just as smart: the very high performances of the new  Ecomonoblocco WT will make even the most technological person fall in love with it. 4 reasons to choose Ecomonoblocco WT This product offers a whole array of…

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Interior design

Outdoor lights: original, do-it-yourself ideas

There are many ways to illuminate an area, whether it’s indoors or out. We have already talked about outdoor lighting in the past, but today let’s go a step further and look at some really creative ideas. Are you ready to put yourself to the test once again on another DIY idea? Today we’re taking you to the garden (or terrace)! 5 do-it-yourself ideas for lighting up your garden or terrace Mason jars (the classic glass jars used for preserves) are a favourite amongst those who enjoy upcycling (you can find 5 summer uses for them right here). By putting…

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5 homemade decoration ideas for your summer party

Summer has finally arrived and with it the chance to organize a whole host of summer parties, for whatever reason. Whether it’s a party in the garden or a dinner with friends on the terrace or simply inside your home, decorations are essential: they really help to create the right atmosphere! So why not make them yourself? We’ve put together a selection of simple ideas which will help you make an impact: your parties will be the most envied of the summer! Ice-lolly shaped invitations No summer party would be complete without an invitation, right? They will obviously need to…

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Small kitchen? Here’s how to make the most of it

Among the various “tragedies” of modern life, having a small kitchen is definitely in first place. Since childhood we’ve been conditioned (TV should take its share of the blame here!) to dream of a spacious kitchen with an enormous cooker, huge refrigerators and a pantry to boot. Yet real life isn’t like that: apartments (especially in large cities) are often very small and consequently the space dedicated to the tastiest room in the house is limited. A few square metres to contain all our culinary creativity. So how can we best manage this small area? With a bit of clever…

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Upcycling, from recycling to ecofriendly reusing

Have you ever heard of upcycling? One way or the other we’re sure you know what it’s about. And you’ve probably done it yourself too, especially if you follow our column dedicated to DIY projects. What is upcycling? Upcycling is the reuse of waste materials and objects that are no longer of use, to create new products, with the intention of enhancing them. We are therefore talking about creative recycling ideas, but also much larger projects, such as the revaluation in the world of architecture and interior design. So it’s both the wooden wine bottle crates used as flower boxes,…

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vasi fai da te primavera - idee di upcycling
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Homemade vases: upcycling ideas for spring

With the arrival of spring, don’t you feel the desire to fill your house, balcony and garden with flowers? The intoxicating scent, that extra touch of colour… a touch of vitality and romance that you can’t do without. Even when it comes to dried or artificial flowers, because let’s face it: nowadays not everyone has time (or green fingers!) to dedicate to gardening and floriculture.

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Home, Interior design

5 interior design trends to keep in mind for 2019

2019 is almost here and, if you are planning to renew your home, it’s high time you start to find out about this year’s interior design trends. We have identified five basic ones; i.e. a selection that will look fresh and new for longer than just one year. Minimalism Well-defined lines, just a few, carefully chosen embellishments and well-organised spaces: minimalism is definitely one of the styles to keep in mind when choosing an interior design trend for 2019. It is usually paired with warm shades and natural fabrics, as shown in the photo above. Shades reminiscent of precious stones…

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Palazzetti's world, Projects

Casa PA: a 50s villa in Sardinia

Modern, inviting interiors where curvy, minimalist shapes are warmed up by the use of wood: let’s check out the Casa PA project and the marvellous renovation work performed on a fifties’ villa in the northern Sardinia together. Breathtaking views, Moorish-style architecture, rounded, organic shapes. It’s not hard to understand why, in the early 60s, Prince Karim Aga Khan fell in love at first sight with Sardinia and with its 50s villas, starting a trend that ended up with the Emerald Coast becoming one of the most sought-after, dream destinations. Thanks to its owners Paola Chessa and Alex Jansen, and to the domECO studio of Sassari,…

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