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Biomasses and deforestation: false myths about wood and pellet-fuelled heating

We often hear about deforestation and environmental sustainability problems but this terminology is often used improperly, generating confusion and leading to the wrong conclusions. Let’s try then to disprove some false myths and understand why heating with biomasses is a totally sustainable choice, both from a social-economic viewpoint and for the environment. Does burning wood and pellets for warmth destroy our forests? There is just one, simple answer to this question: it absolutely does NOT! On the contrary, choosing wood or pellet-burning stoves and fireplaces sourced from sustainably managed forests favours the conservation and protection of our forests as well as contributing to limiting climate change to the…

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How to cook on lava stone

Way beyond just grilled food: the Palazzetti barbecue offers you the opportunity of cooking on lava stone as well! This is one of the oldest and healthiest cooking methods there is. This stone is an excellent heat conductor and you can put it directly on an open flame. The end result is healthy because it doesn’t require the addition of condiments or fats. It’s also a versatile technique that can be used with any food. Fish, meat, vegetables, cheese or eggs: let’s look at all the advantages and tips to achieve perfect results. The advantages of cooking on lava stone…

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How to cook pizza in a wood oven

Are you a real pizza lover? Did you try to make all kinds of dough during the lockdown and are now starting to feel like a professional pizza chef? In that case it’s high time to start really surprising relatives and friends: a barbecue using a wood oven is exactly what you need!  Why choose a wood oven? Your personal barbecue is a bit like a member of the family you are particularly fond of or a special friend: it’s always there on important occasions and during the most memorable days of the year. Each model has its specific features and assets…

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panzerotti ai funghi

Panzerotti with mushrooms

The panzerotto is a great classic of central-southern Italy cuisine. Like pizza, it has the power to agree with everyone because it is good both cold and hot, in a gourmet version or as street food, and at any time of day: for lunch, dinner or as a snack.

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Extinction of plants, a problem not to be underestimated

If I say “extinction”, what comes to mind? Certainly one of the first images you think of is that of a panda or, going a little further back in history, you might think of dinosaurs. Yes, because if the risk of losing a living species makes the headlines, it’s because that species usually belongs to the animal kingdom. Yet, according to a recent study, what we really risk is the extinction of plants.

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Decorazioni fai da te per le feste estive

Tra ferragosto, vacanze, compleanni e incontri con gli amici, nella stagione più calda dell’anno si moltiplicano le occasioni per festeggiare. Se anche tu stai organizzando un party e cerchi qualche idea per completare l’atmosfera con un pizzico di originalità, allora puoi trovare il giusto spunto da queste decorazioni fai da te per le feste estive.

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Plastic-eating poplars, good news from nature

Plastic pollution is one of the main problems of the times in which we live. There are many organisations that work to promote a plastic free lifestyle and the clean-up our oceans, but there is still a long way to go. Despite the fact that there is (unfortunately) a lot of negative news on the subject, a wave of positivity has emerged directly from our natural world: recent scientific research has shown that poplars are excellent plastic-eaters!

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How to water your plants while on holiday

The long-awaited summer holidays have finally arrived! Your case is packed, but suddenly your eye falls on the terrace, on those lush pots that you have cared for with so much love all year round and now you fear that they may irreparably suffer your absence. Don’t worry, you’re in the right place to find out how to water your plants during your holidays: ready to follow our advice?

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