A more user-friendly interface, simplified room management and a new purchase feature: let’s discover all the functions of the Palazzetti 6.0 App together!

Room management

The main new feature of the 6.0 version revolves around user experience: you can see the main settings for a particular room, such as the desired temperature and the power of the fan, all on one page.

Have you installed a My Cli-Mate device or are you using a Shape remote control? Both are provided with a temperature sensor connected to the app so that you can check the current room temperature directly on your phone.

Its functions don’t stop here though: the settings panel lets you name the room you are “checking” by simply selecting it with a tap from the drop-down menu.

Simplified programming

The new Palazzetti App interface gives you a comprehensive view of the stove’s operating times on an easy-to-consult weekly chart.  

Adding a time slot is quick and easy: just tap the day of the week, then “Add time slot” and, lastly, select the desired times and temperatures.

Do you want to use the same time slot on other days? Simply copy the “basic day” configuration and paste it onto the days of your choice!


What mode are you using to control your stove? Just go to the product page to find out: an icon at the top of the page tells you whether you are controlling your stove from your phone (via our app), from the control panel on the stove or in the manual mode.

This same page gives you access to two very important functions:

  • the Zero Speed Fan icon, which you can tap to switch off the stove fan altogether for optimum acoustic comfort;
  • the On-Off switch, which is now represented by a scrollbar with a new, foolproof design.

Exclusive shop

A new Palazzetti online shop was launched in November for all Palazzetti App owners. You will be able to purchase lots of useful accessories there that simplify stove operation, such as the My Cli-Mate device, the Shape remote control or the fast Cleaning Kit.

In addition to these new features, it’s important to remember a very important update that we have implemented in the latest versions: a section dedicated to paperwork and to contacting us, the TSC and dealers.

All you need do is tap your phone to view information like the Instructions Booklet, the duration of the warranty or the number of your After-sales Service Centre. You can even save important documents such as the Declaration of Conformity or the Purchase invoice; we will store them safely for you on our app where you will always be able to find them on.

Can’t find what you’re looking for and still need more help? From our app, you can open a ticket with our company to get support and we will do our very best to solve the problem.

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