The Palazzetti 5.0 App has finally arrived.

This update makes it even easier to use our products every day; for instance, when you need more information on the warranty, technical assistance or literature.  More importantly, it opens our digital eco-system up to all those who own a Palazzetti product but have not used our Connection Box to connect it.

What does all this mean exactly? Find out with us!

What’s new with the Palazzetti 5.0 App?

The Digital Booklet is the core feature of our new release. This useful tool makes all your stove or fireplace literature readily available without wasting paper or obliging you to rummage through the contents of your drawers.

More specifically, the Palazzetti 5.0 App contains the following:

  • all the Warranty information such as its validity, extensions and the dealer’s details;
  • your “personal TSC”, i.e. the Technical Service Centre assigned to your product and that you should contact if needed;
  • all your document’s literature such as instruction manuals and certificates.

To give all our customers access to the Digital Booklet, our App is no longer exclusively available to users with connected products: anyone can now download and install it by using their product’s Serial Number.

What are the Palazzetti App’s other features?

Thanks to the Palazzetti App you can easily control lots of stove or fireplace functions from your smartphone and – if you own an Alexa device – activate voice commands.

Here are some of the main functions dedicated to  Ecofire® pellet stoves and to wood-burning appliances provided with Easy Tech For Wood (ET4W) technology.

Pellet stoves

  • Starting and stopping your product
  • Temperature, power and fan adjustment (for products with AirPro2 or AirPro3 technology)
  • Setting the temperature on a daily and/or weekly basis
  • Setting operating hours on a daily and/or weekly basis
  • Consulting the product’s technical information (e.g. operating hours, kg pellets used, etc.)

Wood-burning appliances with ET4W technology

  • Door opening and closing
  • Fire intensity management
  • Fan speed control and Zero Speed Fan function management
  • Switching the side lights on and off

Update your Palazzetti App!

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