Although Banja Luka, approximately 150km from Sarajevo, is not very well-known by most people, in recent years it has been captivating the hearts of globetrotters from all over the world.

Some say this is Bosnia-Erzegovina’s best-guarded secret,  a city with a tormented past in which the historical and architectural remains of the peoples who conquered it are visible in every corner: Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians. East meets West on these lands,creating ongoing cultural ferment.

Today’s project is exactly in Banja Luka, the vibrant Balkan city that adopted the “Good Life” concept as its way of life. Thanks to its luxury design reminiscent of bygone days, the house we are about to discover perfectly embodies this atmosphere.

The project: luxury paired with contemporary flair

The owners of Apartment Tokyo gave the Dvougao Arhitektura architectural studio free rein, albeit with some precise guidelines to follow: they wanted their apartment to be a contemporary, luxury home with a timeless design.

To achieve this goal, the studio took great care to choose the right finishes:  only exclusive materials such as leather and wood – capable of transmitting the desired sensations both visually and through touch – were used.

Further momentum was achieved by installing a large and elegant fireplace in the middle of the living room,  which was chosen to fully satisfy the owner’s wish to create a stylish setting.

The fireplace: a design choice

A fireplace is a must in a luxury setting.

For the Apartment Tokyo project, the Dvougao Arhitektura architects opted for a Ecomonoblocco 25:9 model: a product “that could become perfectly integrated with the room’s design in terms of aesthetics, and, to an even greater extent, in terms of size.”

The firebox – installed below the home cinema system – discreetly heats the room while making the fire itself fully visible thanks to the large, glass door.

The colour of the combustion chamber in Magnofix (a special material that optimises heat radiation and improves combustion, guaranteeing excellent high efficiency) creates a pleasant tone-on-tone effect with the elegant and natural shades chosen for the living room furniture.

Find out more about Ecomonoblocco 25:9

We interviewed architect Aleksandar Granolić and asked him to share the main reasons behind his decision to choose a Palazzetti product:

Palazzetti makes top-quality fireplaces, products with an excellent design that deliver good user experiences. The last reason, but not the least, is because the company has a well-organised distribution network that is also available in our country.

Click on the photos and browse our gallery to see other pictures of the project:

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