Are you thinking about redesigning your garden? If you really want to be green, then you can use Anthosart Green Tool, a free tool designed to create green areas with the utmost respect for nature. What is Anthosart Green Tool? As you can read on their website, Anthosart Green Tool is a tool that allows you to:
  • design green spaces (gardens, flowerbeds, pathways, hedges, roof-top gardens, ponds…) by selecting indigenous species of Italian flora, based on the physical and aesthetic features selected by the user and on the environmental and climatic characteristics of the place where the project is to be carried out;
  • discover the use of plants that are part of our Italian cultural heritage (in craftsmanship, for medicinal purposes, in food, in fabric dyeing, in art and in the many other ways that have, throughout history, connected man to plants);
  • easily find out about a species of interest and all the information related to it.
The tool was funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and implemented by ENEA (National agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development). It is aimed at designers, planners, horticulturalists, environmental educators, but also individuals, who want to take care of green spaces using indigenous Italian plant species and increase their knowledge of botanical species present throughout the country. Anthosart-Green-Tool

A virtual gardener

“The main objective of the project is to link the vast expertise found in botanical gardens, herbaria, germplasm banks and research centres, to the wide variety of productive and cultural entities that work in the design, management and use of man-made green landscapes: above all a cultural challenge that aims to support and promote the use of indigenous Italian species of flora in the construction of sustainable green infrastructure.” These words describing the main aim of the project can be found on the website. It is therefore a great opportunity not only to have green areas that genuinely respect nature, but also to create collaborations between productive, scientific and cultural entities in a single project. If you want to make well informed choices about your green corner, try Anthosart Green Tool. If you also want to add a barbecue corner, Palazzetti will take care of that. You can also take advantage of reduced prices on a range of bbqs until 30th June 2019: find out about our special offer now!

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