As the first flowers begin to blossom so too does the desire to bring a little bit of spring into the house, with some colourful and original ideas. In the magazine we have already talked about the best plants to choose as part of your interior design, but today we want to focus on a number of ideas to create homemade table centerpieces for spring: here a few creative (and also fragrant!) suggestions. The range in variety of flowers available in spring is already fairly impressive and they lend themselves well to your interior decor. You therefore already have your starting point; just add a pinch of creativity to obtain wonderful spring homemade table centerpieces.

Wooden vases

You can carve out the inside of small wooden logs to make natural pots: add some brightly coloured flowers and it’s done!
Centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Project © Blossom Zine

Decorated bottles

Bottles have the perfect shape for being transformed into vases. You can decorate them with kitchen string, pieces of jute or other fabric for a shabby chic affect.
centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Foto © Fotolia in Magazine delle Donne

Flowering jars

Glass jars used for jams and preserves are also ideal for creating original spring homemade table centerpieces. Paint them in pastel colours, tie some kitchen string around the top edge and fill up with your favourite flowers. Et voilà!
centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Project © Pensieri Romantici

A tribute to nature

Spring is the season of rebirth, so you can create a mise en place that is a real tribute to nature, using “simple” and rustic materials, such as terracotta pots or wooden logs: positioning them carefully you’ll get a really sophisticated and elegant effect.
centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Project © Craftberry Bush

From ‘passata’ sauce to flowers

Returning to glass jars: don’t throw away those typically used for tomato ‘passata’ sauce, you can repaint them and create real design objects.

centrotavola fai da te primaverili

Project © Ashflynn

Watering can as protagonist

If flowers are the symbol of spring, so too are the tools used to take care of them. The watering can, for example, has an ideal shape to become the real protagonist of the whole table.
centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Project ©

Suspended table centerpiece

One last idea? If the table you want to decorate is under beams or in a gazebo, you can create your own spring centrepieces… suspended! Using some kitchen string, simply hang some transparent bottles and put a few coloured flowers in each one. With a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, you’ll leave your guests speechless!
centrotavola fai da te primaverili
Project © Come piace a te

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