Who said garden, terrace and living room pots should all look alike? If you feel you need more colour in your life, forget earthenware, white enamel and glass and make room for your personal creations.

Here are a few interesting, affordable and original ideas that can inspire you to decorate your own pots!

DIY decorated pots: some ideas to copy

Photos and tutorials © Fuwari. Washi tapes are rolls of coloured, decorated tape available in lots of patterns and sizes. They are perfect to decorate large and small pots because they don’t require dexterity or special artistic talents!

decorare i vasi con il colore
Photos and tutorials © Best friends for frosting

To create some bright accents on your terrace why not paint the top edge of your pots in your favourite colour!

decorarei i vasi con il colore
Photos and tutorials © Pottery Barn

Are you always on the lookout for the latest trend? Add a gold, copper or silver touch to part of your pot, as shown in the DIY project above.

In this case you can choose between paint or spray-paint.

decorare i vasi con la pittura
Photos and tutorials © Crafted Life

Do you like the idea of using two colours but want to give your pots a more personal appeal? Use some stamps to create your personal pattern!

decorare i vasi dipingendoli
Photos and tutorials © Salt and Ritual

If you are good with a brush, why not decorate your pots with your favourite design, perhaps repeating it in different colours?

If you’re planning on putting your pots outdoors, don’t forget to protect them with a top coat of transparent acrylic paint!

decorare i vasi con pietre colorate
Photos and tutorials © Lush Little Landscapes

You can even decorate your pots with small, coloured, gem-like stones or pieces of glass, mirror or mosaics.

decorare i vasi con il decoupage
Photos and tutorials © Ashley Ann

One last idea is to use the découpage technique, applying newspaper cuttings, illustrations and fabrics.

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